Become the largest and most trusted decentralized social network in the world.


Your social network, your online activity, and even your online presence are a billion dollar industry curated by the very companies you trust to guard your privacy.

Don't you think you should be entitled to a portion of the riches made off of your data?

We do! And we believe it's finally time to stand up to these companies and take back the internet!

These large tech companies have created an image as friendly and gentle corporations simply wishing to provide a valuable service to people for no other reason than altruism. Though with every new day, a new advancement takes place, a new device, a new feature.

How could that be possible for companies that don't charge a dime to use their services?

It's simple, those companies are leveraging your data as a bargaining chip and selling it off to the highest bidder to fund their operation. And with every click of your mouse you continue to put more and more money into their pockets.

Why should they profit off of something that was never theirs to begin with?

The truth is they shouldn't.

Sphere has the answer…

Sphere was built on the idea that privacy, company transparency, and data security should be the fundamental building block of every social platform. So we believe that the millions those corporations are making off of your data doesn't belong to them, it belongs to you.

So we want to help you take back the control and have a say about your data.

So we've created a decentralized social network, separate from those corporations, that allows exactly that. You have a say, you get compensated, and above all you take back the power with every click and every search.

More than simply connecting, truly discover…

Your search result are no longer limited by who is paying the most or who has gamed the system more efficiently. Instead every search you perform will connect your with valuable information that matters to you!

Helps us break apart their greedy system and disrupt their $500+ Billion Dollar industry by joining the digital revolution today!


Since its early inception, social media has quickly gone from a simple novelty used only to keep friends updated and included on our daily lives towards becoming a growing source of entertainment, news, and community. And as nearly three billion people now utilize social media in some shape or form, its impact on life cannot be denied.

From those nearly billion active users, volumes upon volumes of data are generated, saved, and often sold to the highest bidder. Essentially selling people's personalities, secrets, and lives to corporation that utilize that information to create targeted ad campaigns. And this happens every moment of every day.

Though Sphere aims to change that and redefine how social media interacts within our lives.

Gone are the large collection of centralized servers that are vulnerable to hacking storing troves of sensitive data to be used as companies see fit. In its place, a more transparent, honest, and open blockchain format that allows every user to hold Sphere accountable for data.

Sphere build upon the main principles of privacy and security as undeniable right, giving each user unprecedented protection and security, allowing you to connect with everyone you know safely and above, securely.

More than just a Social Network…

Sphere is so much more than simple another addition into the growing line of social media networks available. It is the beginning of a digital revolution.

Adding to the benefits, Sphere has launched its own cryptocurrency to use throughout the platform, and soon throughout the internet as it continues to develop.

Aptly named Social Activity Tokens, or SAT for short, this brand new form of cryptocurrency can be used for a wide variety of uses and can even be utilized to fund grass root campaigns and movements, allowing them to reach more people and larger audiences.

To celebrate the launch and welcome the coming digital revolution, Sphere is holding an open offering to all those ready to fund the beginning of something different. This special occasion, only available now, will set the precedent for the entire value of the SATs. And once it's over, the value will only begin to steadily increase.

So if you are ready to be a part of something special and ready to take the power back, join us in the digital revolution.

Beta Android App Release v.2.1.41


Consumers' demand for better privacy and data protections has created a demand for a service that puts control, profit, and privacy back into the hands the consumers.

We are poised for yet another great disruption in marketing and advertising. The old and increasingly ineffective method of advertising will come to an end. The old way will be replaced by the next waves of innovation.

At the forefront of the wave, Sphere has positioned itself ready to disrupt the old process. We will create more transparent and open methods for conducting business in today's global market.

Sphere's innovative technology creates a scalable, anonymous, and secure social network utilizing large amounts of data while still ensuring privacy.

Social Activity Token (SAT)



In-System tokens to be used by consumers

In addition to the benefits laid out in this paper, Sphere is introducing an innovative incentive program for consumer using tokens

These Social Activity Tokens are used throughout the system in order to facilitate transactions within the social network

Put the power back into your hands...

SAT tokens are crafted in such a way that the entire process is secure yet transparent. This process leads to a greater sense of trust within the system.


  • We have a strategic plan that puts our users and token holders first.
  • We have a segregated cloud server environment that is safeguarded using cutting edge security systems.
  • We will offer a superior user experience and superior customer support for the users in our ecosystem. Our team designs the system for scalability.
  • We offer anonymous transactions globally. Because we do not transact with banking institutions, we do not require ID verification. Everything is done using digital currency.
  • We have an experienced and capable team that can manage complex technologies and business challenges.


    The Sphere social network incorporates modern technologies that secure the most popular features used in today’s social networks.

    We have an experienced team and a product that is already built. Our team has many years of experience designing systems that are secure and capable of managing high volumes.

    The Sphere platform can currently be found on the internet, as well as at the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


    Through the invention of the internet, businesses found a more convenient way of targeting consumers with ad campaigns. As we about to enter the fourth decade of using computer networks, the ways in which advertisers reach their targeted audiences have not undergone much innovation.

    Despite the poor results, many advertisers still use the old methods to advertise their products. Businesses still elect to waste funds that could be allocated towards more effective marketing.

    The unfortunate truth is that many businesses are wasting precious funds to reach potential clients. The entire process undermines the experience between consumers and businesses. We see consumers less likely to respond to the constant barrage of unwanted advertisement. Both parties gain nothing from the entire experience.

    In direct response to this ever expanding problem, Sphere has set out to reduce the need for such intermediaries while increasing companies' ability to directly reach their desired target audience.

    Using Sphere's innovative decentralized social network, allowing businesses to target consumes directly, both sides stand to gain. On the consumers' side, we see an increase in privacy as their browsing habits are no longer sold to the highest bidder. Companies benefit from knowing that their marketing campaigns reach their desired audience more effectively, cutting down on marketing costs.


    The Sphere social platform contains important e-commerce features. The marketplace will allow users to create products, which followers and friends can see and purchase using their SAT.

    For example:

    Say you want to sell your phone, all you need to do is take photos of the phone, and list it with a title, a description, and an asking price (in SAT). Location is optional. You can control access to the ad by listing it as either private or public.

    Any user who wants to buy your phone and click the purchase button. When a transaction occurs, SAT tokens are sent from that buyer’s wallet to your wallet – with no delays or complications.


    Sphere plans for creating a fully functional advertising portal. The advertising portal will allow users to create ad pieces that will be displayed in the Sphere news feed.

    Advertising space will be paid with SAT tokens. There will be per-click and per-impression options, with costs deducted automatically from the advertisers’ web wallets.


    Sphere will safeguard user privacy and avoid misuse of community data. When there is a need for additional developments, everything will first be presented to the community.

    Sphere’ goal is to be the social platform where data is owned by the user. The community drives the network.

    Picture this: a decentralized social media platform that stores multimedia and other data on a secured blockchain rather than on the traditional servers.


    A total of 90% of available tokens will be made available for buyers through the ICO. We’ve reserved 5% of all tokens for our team and advisory staff. Another 5% will go to marketing and bounty payments for the ICO.

    The Sphere team will have an opportunity to obtain tokens through a buy-back option. This is done to help increase the price of SAT when the token is first introduced on the exchange.

    At the Initial Coin Offering, 20 SAT = 1 USD.

    The SAT ICO is designed to have a hidden, fixed cap.

    Should tokens go unsold, they will be destroyed.

    ICO funds will be targeted toward R&D and acquisition of new customers – as well as team expansion. We will continue to hire the best experts in software development, marketing, support and security.


    • 2016Product Release

      Sphere launches its web release, following two-and-a-half years of development. Three months later, the Sphere iOS and Android apps were released.
    • Q1 2017Additional Development

      Additional Sphere development to remove bugs, respond to support needs, and address other concerns.
    • Q2 2017Smart Contract

      Work begins on marketplace integration and the Ethereum smart contract.
    • Q3 2017SAT Preparation

      Groundwork laid for initial coin offering (ICO), designed to make SAT available to users.
    • Q4 2017Front End Dev.

      Release of newest version of Sphere front-end.
    • Q1 2018API Security

      New security provided for API and new mobile apps released.
    • Q2 2018Wallet

      Wallet Decentralization.
    • Q3 2018Token Integration

      Finish integrating SAT coins into Sphere platform, enabling fund donations and purchasing on marketplace.