Happiness in Childhood is Heaven on Earth

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Happiness in Childhood is Heaven on Earth

Happiness in childhood is heaven on earth. This is my childhood in a quiet and peaceful village, away from the hustle and bustle. A beautiful village, with rice fields stretching, as far as the eye can see.

Our village is on the slopes of the mountain. Coconut trees grow everywhere. The fruit garden across the rice field. There are waterfalls in the mountains near our village, waterfalls from the top of the mountain.

There is a river flowing clear and cold water. There is a bamboo bridge over the river.

For children, playing soccer with friends is an unforgettable happiness. I play football on the grassy field, among the trees.

I played with my sister by the lake.

Sometimes in the afternoon, I play with friends on the edge of the lake.

In the celebration of independence day, there are various competitions, such as the climbing of areca nut in the field. We loved watching the event. There is also a race rope pulling on the bridge over the lake.

That's life in the village when I was a child. For me, the happiness of living in a quiet and peaceful village is heaven on earth.

Ngarto Februana


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