Artificial intelligence (AI) & Blockchain. Ben Goertzel and Sophia (Humanoid) Hanson

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Ben Goertzel (CEO, SingularityNET) together with Sophia Hanson (Chief Humanoid at #SingularityNET) here on Cointelegraph channel to bring us up to speed on what's going on with artificial intelligence (AI) nowadays and where it is heading:

AI’s head in the clouds? Surprisingly this could be very productive.
Concept of Artificial General Intelligence
Privacy issues in context of Sophia’s and her cloud mates abilities.
The future of our population and your own brain.
Human zoo or superhuman being?

Ben Goertzel on The Cointelegraph #decentralize- #artificialintelligence

Ben has a math PhD, but is currently working mostly on artificial intelligence and its various applications. He is focused on creating benevolent superhuman artificial general intelligence; and applying #AI to areas like financial prediction, bioinformatics, robotics and gaming.

#Sophia is an evolving genius machine. In accordace with Sophia's creaor - Dr. #DavidHanson she is tend to be smarter than humans and can learn creativity, empathy and compassion - three distinctively human traits #Hanson believes must be developed alongside and integrated with artificial intelligence for robots to solve world problems too complex for humans to solve themselves.

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