Ash Mufareh's GoFounders & ONPASSIVE- A DONE DEAL

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As we talk about the magical atmosphere surrounding ONPASSIVE, we’ll talk a bit about our upcoming journey, a little about the “Unicorn structure,” we’ll put a new twist to the name of our opportunity, explain the need to sign the NDA and, in general, talk about why it’s a really good idea to join with us today at GoFounders.

So, do you know what we mean by Unicorn Structure? Well, to be considered a Unicorn, a company needs to be worth a billion dollars or more in a current market valuation. To make ONPASSIVE a Unicorn company based on a market valuation it’ll take 93,000 “all-in” Founders. “All-in” just means they are all at Subscription Level 4. In a day or so we will hit the 100,000 mark, so we are golden. That means we have the structure to support a billion-dollar valuation but the financial stream to fill that structure is not yet in place. Of course, that’s to be expected since we haven’t launched. Anyway, that’s what we mean by Unicorn Structure
OK… let me very briefly address existing Founders that have not signed their NDAs. Right now, we have something over 3% of our membership that has not signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement. (NDA). I don’t not intend to get all “holier than thou” on you, because the Lord knows, “But for grace there go I.” But I have to tell you… I mean… come on, you’ve already paid the price of your Founders position; you’re in! Now the company is about to launch marketing campaigns on your behalf as a first-step to build and brand your business… that not only will you never see the fruits of because you have not signed the NDA, but you won’t even have access to the GoFounders platform! For your own prosperity and well-being, please, rethink your position. Go to and login, or recover your log-in credentials and sign in, then sign the NDA. A future of greater meaning and prosperity for you could literally depend on you doing that.
ONPASSIVE is a foundational platform upon which we can continue to build business after business after business to further secure our futures because we really like to stack the cool. But those charts that people see on the social media platforms which, incidentally, aren’t supposed to be used… you know, the ones people call a matrix… they’re not the official pay plan of ONPASSIVE. As a matter of fact, ONPASSIVE doesn’t have a matrix in the sense that people seem to think. We’re just not framed by such a mechanism and, despite any apparent similarities, our pay structure has so much more it’s revolutionary.
I suppose, since we will be a massive industry disruptor, we could correctly say ONPASSIVE is a disruptive business opportunity with a revolutionary pay plan. I can also confidently say, regardless of what you may personally think, with ONPASSIVE you will earn more than you think, or certainly more than you will anywhere else, and there will be no “cap” on what you can make with us.
Ok, with that stuff out of the way, let’s acknowledge GoFounders launched last year, and is a phenomenal success. Moving on, ONPASSIVE has not opened to the public but will very soon. We can now accurately say “the ONPASSIVE journey begins with 100,000 Founders.” That’s a pretty big number, right? That’s 100,000 visionaries. It’s 100,000 people with some portion of entrepreneurial spirit that have all bought into the ONPASSIVE vision of the future to one degree or another. Did I mention we will open to the public very soon?
So, what’s the next step for GoFounders; for ONPASSIVE? Well, the next step is to execute marketing campaigns designed to test the system which, incidentally, will also increase our membership. So, prior to opening to the public, ONPASSIVE will start a world-wide marketing campaign on behalf of the Founders. The campaign will run for a limited time only and will extend an invitation for others to join GoFounders.
The purpose for doing the campaign before we open to the public is to test the marketing and money-flow programs. We can think of this like ONPASSIVE’s dress-rehearsal. But it won’t last long. We already know the number of new members we’ll accept from the campaign before we open publicly. Reaching that number will signal success for the programs being tested and the end of the pre-launch campaign. But foretold is fore-warned. The day the campaign starts, the cost of the Founders position goes up substantially. The day the campaign stops, no more Founders will be accepted for an unspecified amount of time; if ever. So, I recommend, if you have an ounce of entrepreneurial blood in you, spend the $97.00 and lock into a position today whether you understand it or not. I am alluding to a single pre-launch campaign for testing, but there may be more. After we open to the public, more campaigns will be executed in a cyclic manner.

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