Multiple Streams Of Income: Bitconnect, GDI

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Ongoing Conversation on Multiple Streams of Income: for & our - all while eating some Chilli Cheese Fries.

I Start out discussing how people have an 'addiction to new' which I believe I have already covered before. I just was not sure at the time of this video if it was a 'video' or a blog post' ....

Here is the Original conversation: it was a video, titled "The New Addiction" --

Going right into a real conversation on BitConnect vs. GDI - two income opportunities that people treat very differently. Lots of people are not interested in GDI simply because it isn't a 'new' opportunity.

We get scammed for these kinds of reasons. This is what I call making an emotional decision rather than a business decision.

Every expert I see in the Cryptocurreny Space is 'against' Bitconnect - most say it's bound to fall apart. Meanwhile the people I See pushing it 'as a Legit Opportunity' - are known Scam artists who mislead others for Personal Gain.

BitConnect is the NEW ZeekRewards

Here are a few previous articles I've already put together on this one.

"Is Bitconnect A Scam"

I have a follow up coming in a few days;

Meanwhile, learn more about how you can make money with GDI here @

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