CROATIA Lovely Townscapes - Cities of the World | Urban Life Documentary Film - Episode 2

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Admire the fabulous cityscapes and take a virtual tour to Croatia while watching our 4K UHD video from and
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Croatia is a popular vacation destination in southeastern Europe that can boast with a year-round sun, historic towns, breathtaking islands and more. Be enchanted by the fascinating architecture of its cities, culture and a unique lifestyle. Marvel at the amazing panoramic views of the Adriatic sea and relax.

Watching this lovely 4K Urban video you can immerse in the spectacular world of traveling and learn more about Croatia, admire its nature and top attractions. In the second episode you will be taken to the majestic cities rich in history and mystery such as Rovinj (4:20), Pula (14:45), Hum (15:36), Motovun (18:04) and a gorgeous capital of the country, Zagreb (29-50). Watch this charming 4K video and listen to majestic music while you study, work, read, do exercise and relax!

Use this 4k video as relaxing video walls for any waiting room, lobby, relax room, public transport, gym, restaurant, hotel, lounge, office, hospital, dental clinic, picture gallery, library and other public places.
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O, Holy Night (feat Andrea Thomas) – The Vigil Project
Lightly – Be Still the Earth
Keepsakes – Be Still the Earth
Happy Banana – Mikey Geiger
Intertwine – PALA
Little Light Of Mine – Katrina Stone
Once In A Lifetime – Adrian Walther
Serenity – Adrian Walther
Warm At Home – Be Still the Earth
Bloom IN THE dark – Emorie
Unsettling the Seas – The Tide Rose
Summer In The South – Finn’s Fandango

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