Super Life New My Business 2017

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Super Life World First Corporate Video and Head Office Malaysia Video. Super Life First Time All Founders Share Company Future Plan Vision and Mission.
1: Unique range of products plants stem cells as the most innovative breakthrough in wellness industry. Mibbelle Biochemistry Switzerland developed these products.

2: One Compensation plan for the whole world with the same superlife points.

3: Company is responsible to deliver products globally and distributors are not liable to pay any shipment or air cargo cost. Peace of mind knowing that products will be available hasel free.

4: Although Superlife points can be used to sponsor new distributors or buying products, but more methods of payment enable distributors to encase their points via bank transfer.

5: Company is expanding its strong presence in many countries so they have plans to open company offices subject to a modest growth in the relevant country.

6: PLT is an addition to the Superlife as products provider apart from current Mibelle biochemistry SWISS. PLT is 60 years old but an advanced wellness company with a range of food supplements and super natural products.

7: Last but not least a very ethical and experienced management ready to support it's distributors all over the world. They develop an e-commerce based platform to develop business anywhere in the world with the ease of a smart mobile and internet connection. A unique and easy to-do business model for every one who is desirous to gain financial freedom and time freedom.

If You are interested to seize this incredible and ground floor opportunity, then even don't delay for another minute and join our worthy organization growing worldwide.

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