Videos welcomes i.Cash

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https://i.CASH is here

For over 1 year
set a new standard

4 successful Bot's
1000's of people with
cryptos in their pockets

What was good
Just got better!



Earn, sell, trade, offer
and live your dream!

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↓↓↓ have 4 bots
▶︎One for Bitcoin which runs for 120days paying 1.4% a day.
▶︎One for Litecoin which runs for 99days paying 1.2 a day.
▶︎One for Ethereum which runs for 99days paying 1.2% a day.
▶︎One for Bitcoincash which runs for 99days paying 1.5% a day!

Litecoin bot paying 1.4% daily total 138.6% return over 99days

Bitcoin bot paying 1.2% daily 144% return over 120 days

Ethereum bot paying 1.2% daily 138.6% return over 99 days

Bitcoincash bot paying 1.5% daily 148.5% return over 99 days

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