Battle for the Market: SkyWay Arsenal

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SkyWay is gradually entering the transport services market. A number of decisive steps were announced in the report by the General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy at EcoFest 2018. The determining factors are leadership and professionalism, perfect teamwork and maximum readiness of the technological base, as well as the existence of a unified design, construction and management environment capable to provide opportunities of scaling the technology and coordinating remotely the work of all system elements online.

To do this, the Company’s arsenal has a set of industry 4.0 instruments used by world industrial leaders such as Boeing, Honda, Space-X, BMW and others. Capabilities of the instruments were presented to investors and guests of EcoFest with the example of one of the latest SkyWay developments, unicar U4-430-T3 created on the basis of 3Dexperience digital platform.

The creation of unicar U4-430-T3 includes the following stages:

1. Collection and analysis of information, drafting of technical specifications, design development and front-end engineering
2. Preliminary calculations and 3D modeling, preparation of drawings on the created models
3. Testing of ergonomics, simulation of operational situations and loads in a virtual domain
4. Launch of technical documentation, models and drawings in production
5. Manufacturing
6. Production control of product quality
7. Assembly and installation with high accuracy
8. Tests, adjustment and certification of vehicle units and components

3D Experience platform allows all participants of the development process to introduce real-time changes to the project at any stage of its implementation.
The data received from the Vehicle systems during its operation are recorded in a specialized information system and allow monitoring of the technical condition, as well as developing of maintenance regulations.

Modern digital platforms for engineering and designing, automated production lines and highly qualified personnel are the basis to develop transport technologies of the new generation taking up the battle for leading positions in the international transport services market.

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