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  • Emerie Berthram
    Hey guys, crypto trading is now made easy by smart automated robot trader, an innovation from Singapore crypto world experts. It is about 4 months old now in the world market.

    It is not a possible but one of the cheapest crypto signal based bot trading app at the moment now. It is a fully binance bound trader platform.

    No risk attached
    No losses attached
    Your funds is strongly secured in binance wallets.
    It is win- win scenario on auto pause at worse case scenario
    Earn from bot even...  more
    — with Jerrod R Adams and 44 others.
  • Yogesh U
    Hey friends!
    Lets earn a huge income with world's first decentralised matrix platform. I welcome you to the world of cryptocurrency. Kindly check the video and start your investment plan with just $10.
    I recommend you to start this business with 5slots in x3 and x4 respectively for fast income. link any information kindly message/contact/WhatsApp +917558269825...  more
    — with Crypto Enterprises and 57 others.
    FORSAGE BUSD presents the safest and economically effective networking programs on the Smart Chain network 👉 00:00 - What is FORSAGE BUSD? 00:37 - What is FORSAGE ? 01:15 -...
  • Yogesh U
    You are very Wrong if you have not claimed this token, let me shock u, the listing price is 1yfin=$3000. Do you know what it means, an Airdrop could make u a millionaire, I know a friend that got 1 YFI which is $ 3,000 as an Airdrop back then, ppl don't play with YEARN fork at all, you can be a rich man from legit AIRDROP and I am 98% sure of this one.
    No much task for you to do.

    Copy this Address ????????
    ...  more
    — with Crypto Enterprises and 54 others.
    YFIN - The Decentralized Financial Aggregate
    YFIN is a fork of Yearn Finance (YFI) technology that aims to be an independent. The platform aggregates numerous protocols.
  • suryadin
    What do you thing about this.?? — with Pedro Petters and 70 others.
    UPLibra丨Libra exchange platform & Libra OTC
    UPLibra is committed to establishing a Libra OTC trading platform, providing fast, secure and valuable Libra exchange services to users all over...
  • Yogesh U
    "Try to keep your mind in the present. Whatever there is that arises in the mind, just watch it. Let go of it. Don’t even wish to be rid of thoughts. Then the mind will reach its natural state." — with Crypto Enterprises and 54 others.
  • Irina
    Pay attention!
  • Irina