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  • Pedro Petters
    The top 10 people who share the free coin airdrop with the most friends will receive 180 000 000 coins each (USD value per person $1 800 000)
    Positions 11-110 will receive 18 000 000 coins each (USD value per person $180 000)

    You have also rewarded from your friend's friends, so be sure to invite friends with lots of friends!
    When a friend joins rewards you are rewarded based on their introductions to the free coin airdrop too.
    Anyone who has signed up for the free coin airdrop will...  more
    — with Nofa sutanto and 125 others.
    Bitcoin Black - Cryptocurrency of the people, by the people, for the people.
    Bitcoin Black Currency. Fee Free & Instant transactions. Fair Distribution. Exposing the dark side of Bitcoin. Join the Free cryptocurrency airdrop.
  • pKrishna
  • pKrishna