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Free Crypto Currency Air Drops

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This topicsite lists different ways to get free coins and other free crypto currency.

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Revolutionizing Auction and Freelance Hiring with a crypto exchange powered by blockchain

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Thorium is a crypto to crypto exchange for anyone in the world

Thorium is a new decentralized crypto currency exchange that will allow you to hold tokens and save on exchange fees, and possibly even earn dividends. The THOR token will be backed up by 10 precious metals, although not much more info is available at this stage.

You just need to register you mail to be eligible for the air drop, a total of 10% of the total supply of 100 million tokens will be given away to users for free.

Affiliate program

This new crypto exchange is giving you ( 100 free MNX tokens) when you register for the ICO. There is a total supply of 200 million tokens, so if this exchange becomes popular 100 tokens will be worth your time to sign up..!

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Introducing Pantos, the first Multi-Blockchain Token system.

You will get your free PAN tokens credited directly to your Bitpanda wallet.

Pantos is the answer to an increasingly fragmented digital currency market. It is an open-source, open-innovation driven research project, bringing all major blockchain platforms closer together, which will set new standards for decentralised cross-chain token transfers.


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