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Posted in Default Category on January 31 at 05:29 PM is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting kratom consumers. They have a lot of information about the health benefits of kratom. Their website includes a newsletter, contact information, and a form for mailing a letter to your congressperson. You can even find a pre-written email to send to your representative.

They also have a kratom webinar series. This series brings together experts from around the world. It provides important information about the safety and legal aspects of kratom. Among other things, they highlight the edifying benefits of kratom. is one of the most active pro-kratom advocacy groups in America. It is composed of a collection of responsible consumers, scientists, and government officials. In fact, their mission is to protect consumers from governmental threats and unfair legislation.

In addition to educating consumers on the kratom health benefits, they also educate vendors and law makers. Ultimately, they hope to protect consumers from the FDA's misguided stance on kratom. As such, they have a specific program to ensure that kratom manufacturers follow a strict set of standards to ensure kratom is safe and effective.

They also have a very cool looking web site which you can rely on for more information about kratom. Along with a large variety of other useful features, you can send a quick email to your congressperson. Alternatively, you can sign up for their monthly email newsletter. Besides all of this, you can make a contribution to the organization. Donations can be made in the form of cash or in kind, such as kratom-related products.

One of the biggest issues facing kratom consumers is the lack of information about the medicinal benefits of kratom. While many people believe that kratom is dangerous, it is not. Although it is an herb that grows in Southeast Asia and Pacific Rim countries, it has many medicinal properties that can help you. is an organization that is run by a committed and devoted team of individuals. During their years in business, they have learned the importance of using the right information to promote consumer health. If you want to learn more about kratom, or get the most out of it, check out web site. Also, be sure to read newsletter. Not only will you find information about kratom, but you'll be able to take advantage of some of the most impressive kratom-related news stories.

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