Binance clone script development

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We take the advantage of Flutter tech stack to build cryptocurrency exchange apps like Binance App. You can get promising benefits like reducing code development time, same UI in both iOS & Android, minimizing the app developer headcount, simple implementation, and responsiveness in all screen sizes.


If you are in search of Binance Clone, you may end up in over priced binance clone script or end up in getting outdated source code. We at Hivelance got your back. We provide you bug-free and multi-tested binance clone script that’s absolute user-friendly. Everything you pay for developing binance clone exchange counts on us. Fully transparent pricing guaranteed. 


What you will get - Binance clone source code with lifetime access(no revenue sharing), Database, Detailed documentation guide, Installation support.


Build your own Cryptocurrency Exchange like Binance the power with Hivelance


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