Difi #Yfim airdrop

Posted in on September 04 at 08:34 AM
#Defi를 경험하라! YFIM Airdrop!!! 총량 60000개! (10월2일 종료) 
YFIM total is 60,000 and YFIM air drop is 4,000
You only need to enter the Ethereum address.
(Exchange address X such as I'm Token and Metamask)
Copy and share links to receive invitations from you
A person receives 0.1 YFIM at the same time.
Each person can invite up to 19 people.
You can receive up to two YFIMs per person.
If it is recognized as cheating, the reward will be canceled.
You will get a refund if you participate in crowdfunding.
YFIM will terminate AirDrop on October 2nd, issue tokens,
Welcome to Uniswap Decentralized Exchange.
YFIM is a YFI fork token.

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