Jammers have become indispensable equipment for large occasions

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According to the Xiamen Evening News, at 10:30 last Tuesday night, the teacher in Shengguan called his name, and the boarding student at Xiangxiang Middle Middle School found no signal. Then, the students went back to the idea of the "white box" that the school set up in the dormitory a few days ago, thinking it was a "mobile signal signal jammer." Since the jammer is only separated from the student's bed, many students and parents worry about the impact of the jammer on their health. A middle school next door told reporters that Banguan teacher started working at 10 o'clock every evening. Because of the name of this GSM jammer, students with mobile phones had no signal and could not use the emergency call function. It just got up and relaxed in the morning.

"Nowadays, mobile phone addiction is very common. Some children have poor self-control. The installation of signal blockers can prevent children from playing mobile phones in class. At the same time, this also prevents students from ordering takeaway programs on their mobile phones. And parents also More comfortable. "There are mobile cell phone blocker in the classroom. Another student named Wang questioned the installation of the signal screen. "Although the children bring their mobile phones to school, they are always very conscious and we trust him very much. Wang said: "Although there is contact information for the teacher, we still hope to be able to contact the children directly.

With the rapid growth of mobile phone users, it is almost impossible to avoid interference from other mobile phones of the public. As a result, the United States began to have a small but rapidly developing "Public Order Defender" and began to use direct methods to use cellular High Powered Jammers to resist interference. "Nowadays, mobile phone addiction is very common. Some children have poor self-control. Installing a signal blocker can prevent children from playing on their phones in class. At the same time, it also prevents students from ordering takeaway programs on their phones.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Industry and Industry, the Ministry of Industry and Industry said on Friday that it supports the telecommunications regulator’s decision to allow mobile phone GPS Jammers to be installed in movie theaters. However, the minister pointed out that emergency calls and calls outside theaters and other venues should not be affected. The president of the French National Film Association said that the measure is a response to the "long-term appeal" of cinemas across the country. He told Radio France that the cinema had invested a lot of money in the comfort of the cinema. He said: "The decision to approve the phone jammer will be the icing on the cake."

At Chengdu University of Science and Technology, classrooms in the new building are equipped with "cell phone signal shielding", which is a good way to prevent students from playing with mobile phones in class. Is the school really trying to block students’ cell phone signals? In the second classroom of the school, an obvious "black" wall of the science and bluetooth jammers technology of the instrument was found in an empty classroom. The blackboard is closer to the blackboard. The instrument is also located on an automatic switch, which Internet users can see The switch. gsm interference. In this empty classroom, the power cord is not connected to the signal shield and the switch is not turned on. Therefore, the reporter's mobile phone signal is normal and the network can be used normally.

Cell phone jammers in prisons have become a necessary addition to storing the tools needed by prisoners. Mobile phones are getting smaller every day, making it easier for prisoners to smuggle into facilities. For law enforcement officials who have been prosecuted, this is a more difficult task, but cell phone rf jammer are the answer to prevent prisoners from using cell phones for potentially dangerous activities. The use of cell phone jammers may also force prisoners to use prison lines approved/surveilled in the prison.

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