Drink One Opti Juice and Be Healthy!

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Are you suffering from health problems? Have you tried everything and nothing has worked so far? Do you want to prevent colds, flu and other grave illnesses? May sakit ka ba, friends mo o ang mga mahal mo sa buhay? Narito na ang makakatulong sa inyong karamdaman at kalusugan! ????

???? Why Drink One Opti Juice?

We all have health problems di ba? Pero di natin pinapansin until malala na. Why do we wait until we are almost dying before we take care of our health? This is why One Opti Juice is important for you and me.
Do you buy expensive synthetic vitamins and minerals? Hindi ka ba kumakain ng fruits and vegetables? Naku kaya tayo nagkakasakit lalo if puro mataba, fastfood or mga karne lang kinakain natin. We need food that can cleanse our body and boost the immune system or protect our cells. We need to consume superfoods everyday!
Why take many superfoods one by one like buah merah, acai berry, wheatgrass, chlorella, barley, mangosteen, etc., when you can have all 15 in 1 at an affordable price?
This is developed using Japanese nanotechnology to make sure all the nutrients will be delivered to our cells, targeting the damaged ones first. One Opti Juice has 15 anti-oxidant fruits, plants, roots and even seaweeds in the powder mix!
100% organic and natural
FDA Approved
???? Halal Product
No overdose
High in Anti-oxidants


Boosts the Immune System
Reduces the risk of Cancer and Fights Cancer Cells
Gives Extra Energy & Improves Stamina
Helps remove body Toxins
Regulate and normalize Cholesterol, Menstruation, Blood Sugar Level, Blood pressure
Improve passion and fertility
Increase Sperm Count and improve Sperm Motility
Helps with Uric Acid problems
Prevents Chronic and degenerative diseases

For general health maintenance, directions for use is on the label.
Pwede ito isabay sa gamot or vitamins. No contraindication naman kasi all natural ingredients. No approved therapeutic claims but we deliver results.


  • General instructions, drink 1 bottle cap 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.
  • 4 Bottles is good for more or less 1 month if your health is in good condition.
  • For grave illnesses like cancer, skin ulcer, bedridden, etc., 1/3 of a bottle 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Bawal magkasakit di ba? Dapat ang kinakain at iniinom natin organic food and juice lang para iwas sakit! One Opti Juice is made of 15 all natural superfoods ingredients so no need to worry about overdose or synthetic chemicals. When mixed with cold water, it is 300 ml and very safe to drink even for babies (just use one or two drops via dropper).
No approved therapeutic claims but we deliver results. Prevention is also better than cure kaya uminom ka lang nito para makaiwas sa gastos at mataas na hospital bills! Kung nasa ospital na kayo, aba eto na ang pwedeng makatulong para mapalakas ang resistensya nyo at makalabas ka’gad kayo ng ospital.
Mahalagang paalala: Ang One Opti Juice ay hindi gamot at hindi dapat gamiting panggamot sa anumang uri ng sakit.
I am in the Philippines so if you are outside the country then let me know so I can check how much you will pay for shipping.

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  1. Fill up the order form here:
  2. If you have no internet access, text or pm me your full name, complete address, mobile number, order quantity (ilang bote) and preferred payment method (see below).
  3. Send me the proof of payment (receipt or deposit slip) after payment.
  4. Once payment has been confirmed, we will meet, you will pick up or I will ship your order.
  1. And that's it! Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3!

Just one bottle is good for 1 day or more than 1 week depending on your health status. Buy 4 bottles and it can be good for 1 month! What have you got to lose when it's just P350/bottle? ($8.50 or GBP 6.80)

What is this small amount when compared to thousands you spend on medicine or future hospitalization expenses that can reach up to 6 or 7 digits? Whew. I would never wish that financial burden on anyone just because they did not take care of their health or do not believe in superfoods.



???? Payment via:

  • BDO online transfer or bank deposit
  • GCash to BDO
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • Palawan Express
  • Coins PH
  • PayPal (for International orders only)
  • BTC, ETH, STEEM & HIVE also for international orders.

???? Shipping fee depends on quantity and location

Orders will be shipped via any of the ff for Metro Manila deliveries:
  • Grab
  • Lalamove
  • Happy Move
  • Mr. Speedy
Otherwise I will use:
  • Fastrack
  • 2Go
  • LBC (within the Philippines)
  • DHL or EMS for International orders.
It comes with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certificate once shipped outside the Philippines.
Click the ORDER FORM HERE or just send me a message to order.

Here are some of the products and the pricing, shipping fee not included yet:

✅ One Opti Juice: P350 / bottle of 300 ml. ($8.50 or GBP 6.80)
Good for 1 day or more than 1 week depending on your health status.

✅ One Opti Coffee: P230 / box of 10 sachets. ($6.00 or GBP 4.80)

✅ Opti White, Glutathione + Collagen from Japan: P2,150 for 30 capsules. ($50 or GBP 40.25)

✅ Apple Stemcell Soap: P300 ($7.00 or GBP 5.65)

✅ Escential Liniment Oil: P270 ($6.50 or GBP 5.25)

❤️ Payment via BDO online transfer / bank deposit, Other banks to BDO online transfer and GCash TO BDO. Paypal or Western Union for International orders. International pricing already includes handling fees.

❤️ Delivers from Quezon City, Philippines via Grab, Lalamove or Happy Move for NCR (a.k.a. Metro Manila) orders. Can be delivered nationwide via LBC, fee by buyer. International orders are sent via DHL or EMS depending on the country.

Got more questions? Your health and wellness is still in your hands.

Contact me on Sun/Viber: +63932 1800 937
Globe/Telegram: +63917 768 8444

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???? Open for Distributors / Resellers

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