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   Internet has taken its place in many people’s lives. It is nearly impossible for many people to live without internet. Internet is generally considered to be useful by many people while some people oppose the idea that internet has facilitated people’s lives. Internet has certainly some advantages and disadvantages. In this essay, I am going to write about  internet and its positive or negative effects.

   One of the main advantages of internet is that it enables us to access a lot of knowledge in a short time. When you just write “Internet” to google, you may be amazed by the information internet offers us. It is easy to find everything you look for on the internet. It is not necessary for people to get lost in encyclopedias and thick books anymore. With just one click, all information gates open before you. Only thing you will do is to choose appropriate and correct information.

    On the other hand, every knowledge may not be correct and trustworthy so searchers should be careful about the knowledge they have found on the internet you can find cheap case study writing service . There are a lot of extra and unnecessary informations, too. Make sure that the source you will make use of has references, reliability and validity.

     Online shopping is another advantage of internet. In today’s world, using time effectively and efficiently is essential and important. Some people do not want to spend their times by doing shopping in shops or stores. That is why, they choose online shopping. It has really many advantages one of which is that you save your time and generally your money. The item which is bought through internet is usually much cheaper compared to normal prices in malls.

     However, customers should be very cautious while doing online shopping. Many people are deceived and lost their money due to online shopping. People should make sure that the web site you make use of is a reliable one. There are many deceptive web sites on the net so if you want not to be deceived, you should be very fastidious about the web sites you will use to buy products.

      Another benefits of internet is that it also enables you to make connections with people around the world. Through many online chat programs, it is easy to contact with other people. Even if you are either pole of the world, it is easy to communicate with people who are on the other pole of the world. You can also see your friends or family through online connection. No matter how far you are from your family or from your friends, it is possible to reach them with just one click.

         Parents sometimes do not want their children to chat through internet. In my opinion, they are partly right, too. They express that internet can lead them to do bad works. Parents also say that internet prevents children from studying their lessons, doing their duties and they claim that internet is an obstacle which puts a stop to individuals’ social development. Nonetheless, some researchers say that unlike popular belief, internet makes individuals more socialized.

      Internet also presents many utilities namely e-mail, messenger, twitter, facebook, e-portfolio for students and many other benefits. For example; through e-portfolio, teachers and students can evaluate students’ growth in proficiency and achievements of students in a given academic area effectively.

       In conclusion, internet has certainly made a big influence on us both positive and negative. Internet offers many utilities and benefits for us. We see that internet has many advantages if you use it correctly and appropriately and many disadvatages if you use it in a bad way and inappropriately.


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