Jammer rescues people who are poisoned by mobile phones

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Currently, the Navy's main airborne electronic attack system relies on technology developed in the 1970s: although the service has changed from the old EA-6B Prowler to the new EA-18G Growler as its electronic attack aircraft, the actual radar gps jammer system Basically the same on the plane. Service leaders are concerned that with the rapid development of China and Russia in electromagnetic warfare, their pilots will be at an early disadvantage, which has made the Chinese and Russian military a good development, but the jammer is their natural enemy.

I think it should be. Yes ... tough I feel sorry for that guy. These days, how the students are doing is like they started a school, but their parents have not strengthened the school's work, which has brought great difficulties to the school. Then, when their child turned out to be an idiot, these people would quickly blame the school. Mobile phones / PDAs have become drugs for many of these children. They are obsessed with them, because their brains have been programmed with large cell vectors similar to drug traffickers, and now the wifi jammer are equivalent to antidote, so many families are rushing to buy them.

Now I know that there are still many good kids who follow the rules. But there is a wife who I am a counselor of HS, I heard some ... deceived with a mobile phone / PDA, took a picture of the girl's miniskirt, and sent the picture to everyone in a few minutes, having sex somewhere in school Photos are like joking or texting back and forth to friends they just met at lunch. They are a big problem, distracting, and children know how to behave. (Think of it when HS). The only way to ensure that they are okay is to block. Solved the whole problem. The only problem I have is that in an emergency, I don't care too much about the battery company that owns the airspace. Interference is local. They just don't want to lose a penny of income ... children will not be able to use their "drugs". Don't be angry with drug dealers!

Similar work was done for both the expensive product made for the military IXI Dronekiller SDR gun and the LimeSDR Dronesense. They first used scanning to detect and spot potential drone signals. If a drone signal is detected, it will emit an interference signal on that particular frequency, causing the drone to enter fail-safe mode and return to base or land immediately. Frequency specifically targeted at drones should help make signal portable jammer compliant with radio regulations because they do not interfere with other legitimate users at the same time. We noticed that this method may not use custom RF communications or fully autonomous drones to stop the drones.

Integrate the latest 4G jammer to detect LAN, wireless router for wireless router and block the function of wireless router, and further enhance the detection of local area network (LAN) in the new version of wireless router, thus prohibiting the use of wireless router, It is currently the only accurate wireless router software that can find a local area network (LAN) in China. At the same time, it has further strengthened the test of mobile phones and tablets in a wireless local area network environment to find the function of the local area network. The function of the tablet computer on the Internet, thus greatly preventing the sharing behavior of companies such as mobile phones, tablets, and mobile Internet devices that can access the company's wireless LAN to access the Internet or random access to LAN files.

This means that all smuggled phones at the facility are quickly identified. In addition, it will be relatively easy to create a list of allowed phones (owned by guards, office workers, etc.) and pass calls from those devices to the communication network. Or we must ask exactly why the guard on duty needs a phone.

A female teacher told reporters that the school did install a drone jammer in the dormitory building, which is an internal management act and a good thing. He said that most of the time now are smartphones, and many students spend the night in bed overnight, and the next day's class is very unspirited and will affect learning. After installing the jammer, students will no longer stay on the phone to play, it will be better the next day.

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