Weird Orders...

Posted in on January 06 at 09:03 AM
I had a couple of weird orders already. Some of them were obvious scams, but very intriguing, some rather unusual job ideas. 

*Upwork account registration for money- I had a ton of people across many platforms asking me to open an upwork account for them with my IP address. I investigated and they want to use your computer as a proxy plus the platform on your name. They all offer really nice pay, for just using the computer. 
I thought... well I don't care for upworks opinion. I'mma go with it, but I will stay safe. I asked each of them for an upfront payment of 15% of the monthly pay the offered, as a set-up fee. None of them agreed, no good argumentation provided. That's how I know it's a scam. When someone is serious they know they'll have to pay to get things done. 

*Passport/Driver's Licence Edit - this is hilarious. I had someone contacting me to make edits to their ID documents. I'm not questioning their reasons here, but going on freelancing platform with this request probably wasn't the best idea. Before I was able to respond their account was banned. 

People are nuts. I'm a squirrel. 

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