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Do you or someone you know need to lose a little weight? Do you or someone close to you need to strive towards better overall health? If so then it’s time to get excited about a new company called QuiAri because we are confident that once you try their one-of-a-kind products that feature the new number 1 superfruit and our exclusive, super-concentrated organic extract, MaquiX TM, you’ll love it and want to tell everyone you know to have the experience!


QuiAri has taken a multi-billion-idea and created never-before-seen products that can help improve the health of people worldwide, and YOU get to be one of the first to try them. Our unique, guilt-free shakes taste amazing and our nutritious QuiAri Energy Supplements help provide long-lasting energy.


When paired together, QuiAri Shake and QuiAri Energy offer endless benefits. They support healthy weight loss, help to suppress appetite, promote healthy aging, help maintain the immune system, promote optimum blood sugar levels, support the functionality of the cardiovascular system, promote ocular (eye) health, and support overall health!




QuiAri has created a 90 - Day Kickstart Challenge to provide you with a convenient way to expedite your way to better health. It’s simple and exciting two-step lifestyle change that includes drinking a QuiAri Shake in the morning and immediately taking QuiAri Energy.  Maintain this process and you will definitely experience positive results. It is as easy as 1, 2, done!




QuiAri gives Promoters an opportunity to build wealth faster with a world-class bonus structure to help them achieve their dream lifestyle.

  • Refer Three & It’s Free - receive FREE Products when you, the Promoter and Three Customers are on AutoDelivery.
  • Speed Bonus - Potentially earn more than $1,000.00 USD within your First 14 Days, including a One-Time Speed Bonus of $500.00.
  • Lifestyle Bonus - A chance to earn an extra $5,000.00 Each Month!

Note too when you become a QuiAri Promoter, you can earn Same Day Pay! Nobody else in the health and wellness industry pays their commissions Within 5 Minutes Of Each Sale.


The company has Just Recently Launched - October 1, 2019 - so you if you are reading this flyer you have an opportunity to take significant advantage! To learn more about being a QuiAri Promoter and joining my team to build an unstoppable force review the Site Information:

Attend a live webinar, Monday to Saturday, 2:00 pm & 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time:

Are you ready to empower people to feel their best so they can live their best?

Contact Me: F. Michael Furbert, 335-7977 (cell), [email protected] (email)

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