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Gift giving by Godmothers and Godfathers is a tradition practiced in the Philippines when a baby is baptized especially for Roman Catholics.
I find this gift giving tradition really amazing. Before a child is baptized in the church, there is a prerequisite ceremony yet to be undergone by the parents. They call this as " parents seminar" with the Godparents and parents as attendees.
The seminar is done informally either in the home of parish minister or in a place convenient for the attendees. A certificate from this seminar needs to be presented before the baptism ceremony starts.
After the ceremony, when a child has been baptized, God mothers and Godfathers are as if obliged to give something to the baptized child. The gift may either be in the form of monetary or in kind. 
With my experience, I was just amazed that I was able to collect 5K pesos as monetary gift excluding those given in kind. 

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