Nike Air Max 95 Black Pink Will Release this Weekend

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Nike Air Max 95 has always been favored by trend players, retro shoes and rich color schemes, becoming one of the preferred shoes for the street. Recently, a new color matching Air Max 95 is coming soon. Nike Air Max 95 Black Pink is decorated with classic black powder tones. The suede, nubuck and mesh stitching bring a rich layering. The bright pink Swoosh Logo is embellished on the side heel and has a striking effect. Adopting the yin and yang color scheme of the recent fire, the black on the outside of the shoe and the pink on the inside form a bright-colored contrast stitching effect. The overall feeling is calm and has a touch of vitality, suitable for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons. The Air Max air cushion on the midsole guarantees an excellent foot experience.

Ruvis Scott x Air Jordan 6, which is rumored to be on the market this week, believes that many sneaker players are looking forward to it for a long time, but today 2019 Sneakers Release reported that the shoes will be postponed for sale. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6, which was exposed for the first time in February of this year, has already let everyone wait for too long. The extension is for the sake of continued heat and appetite. Compared to the anti-hook Air Jordan 1, the design details of these shoes are more and more impressive. The overall shape is made of suede, using Travis Scott's personal favorite olive green as the main tone, the details are embellished with bright orange, sharp and eye-catching. There are no small changes in the details, such as the original raised on the outside of the upper is changed to a canvas pocket, and you can see the Travis Scott logo. The right heel is printed with the “Cactus Jack” label, which highlights the unique co-branded identity.

The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 released some time ago has caused a fierce response, and the market price of the million has basically locked the status of the annual shoe king. However, the high market price has also caused many shoe fans to lose the chance to get on the sneakers. Recently, the Internet exposed an Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha, can be described as the civilian version of the barb Air Jordan 1, similar color scheme is believed to be loved by many shoe players. The classic flying wing logo on the side of the shoe has a white design, and Swoosh has no inverted design. It is almost exactly the same as the sky-high price. Friends who are obsessed with Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 may wish to consider this!

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