$200K Prize GIveaway

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The BIGGEST EVER TBC2 Coin Competition and Prize Giveaway, with a massive $200,000 worth of physical prizes, including cars, holidays and luxury items as well as cash prizes, with 10 individual winners!


For full competition information and terms and conditions click here



Prizes 1-5

Our top-five commission earners during the ICO will receive a prize, the commission is based on ALL purchased, future and past, so anyone who has already earned commission in earlier rounds need not despair!

  • Prize 1. Car: Circa $75,000 value; Winner will get to choose the specific car but we have shortlisted the following;
  1. Sports Car – Porsche 718 Cayman S
  2. Business Car – Mercedes E Class (Fully Loaded)
  3. Family Car – Ford Expedition 7+ Seater
  • Prize 2. Luxury Family Holiday plus Spending Cash: $35,000 holiday value plus $10,000 Cash (payable in Bitcoin)
  • Prize 3. Home Goods / Technology Goods: $25,000 worth
  • Prize 4. A high-end watch (Rolex etc) value up to $15,000
  • Prize 5. Cash Prize of $10,000 (payable in Bitcoin)



Prizes 6-10

In addition to the above prizes, we will also be picking 5 random “qualifying entries” to receive a cash-prize (paid in Bitcoin) between $4,000 up to $8,000.

  • Prize 6. $8,000
  • Prize 7. $7,000
  • Prize 8. $6,000
  • Prize 9. $5,000
  • Prize 10. $4,000



Entry Requirements:

ALL participants wishing to join in this competition must earn a minimum number of points to qualify for entry to the prize draw.

Minimum number of points to qualify for entry is 3000 points.

Prizes 1-5 will go to the top commission earners, from #1 to #5, with prizes going to each in turn. All participants must earn a minimum of 3000 points to qualify for entry.

Prizes 6-10 will go to 5 random qualifying entrants i.e. you might be the 100th commission earner, but if you have earned enough points to qualify for entry you will be entered to the random draw for prizes 6-10.



Earning Points:

Points can be earned for various activities, below is a full list of qualifying activities.


A visit to the website using your affiliate link                                        1 point


A new member signing up for their own                                                2 point

Free affiliate account using your affiliate link


Verified purchase of TBC2 coin using your                                             2 Points

Affiliate link (purchase size is irrelevant)


1 point for every $1 purchased by an affiliate using                           1 point per $1 purchased

Your affiliate link – i.e. $10 purchase = 10 points                                in the ICO rounds 1-9

$500 purchase = 500 points


2 points for every $1 purchased by yourself (you cannot                 2 points per $1 purchased

purchase using your own affiliate link) when making a                    in the ICO rounds 1-9

“self purchase” the system will flag this as per

our terms and conditions for affiliates.

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