Scientists warn of unexplained alterations in the Earth's magnetic field.

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Geologists work to discover what happens in the far north of the Earth. It would be something that will affect the navigation systems of the whole world and that has made necessary an "urgent intervention" of the experts in geomagnetism.

According to what was reviewed by the newspaper ABC; the magnetic North Pole continues to move, driven by the liquid and rotating iron of the planet's core, and it does so faster and faster.

Currently, according to Nature, the magnetic North Pole is moving away from Canada, towards Siberia, so quickly that the world experts in geomagnetism have been forced to act in an unconventional way.

For this Tuesday, a meeting of experts was convened to update the World Magnetic Model, which describes the situation of the magnetic field and is essential for the navigation systems to work. However, the meeting was postponed until January 30 due to the current paralysis of the Trump administration.

What's going on?
Presumably, the problem is due both to the rapid movement of the magnetic North Pole, and to another series of changes in the depths of the planet. "The agitation of the liquid iron in the terrestrial nucleus generates most of the magnetic field, which varies with time as the deep flows vary", adds the Spanish media.

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