Earn Some $$$ Doing Simple and Easy Online Tasks!

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Got nothing better to do or work is  too hard for you? Click my links  (in green) or images in this post and join this site to do some simple tasks. Or if you're in line at the mall, train station or anywhere with free WiFi then you can do some Spare5 tasks if there's some available for you.

Let me share the requirements in order to get some extra $$$.

♦ Spare5 Requirements ♦

• Computer (or iPhone for the app)
(Android or iOS Mobile phones are acceptable but other tasks don't work on mobile browsers.)
• PayPal account
• Email address (or a Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account)


If you have dead times (like commuting or waiting in line) where you're just wasting the time away, make use of it and earn money instead!

Just do quick and simple tasks like bounding an object in a box, identifying photos, tracing parts of a picture, etc. On iPhones, you can be tasked to take pictures of items.

When you sign up, you would have training boxes and qualifiers first before you get a task. When doing qualifiers, after you successfully do the test tasks, you will see a confirmation page indicating if you pass or fail. 

Don't worry, qualifier tests can be retaken with no penalty.

There are various training tasks and tutorials in order to have available tasks to work on. Click on them, pass the short tests and expect to get the tasks afterwards for each one whenever any is available.

When you already have available tasks on your dashboard, just click on the task box. Before you begin, there will always be a short instruction pop up as a reminder on what you need to do.


♦ How Much Can We Earn? ♦

The minimum payout is only $1. The best part is, every Friday your earnings automatically get sent to your PayPal account. As soon as you've met the payout threshold, expect to get paid each Friday. If you want a higher threshold then just change the amount in your payments setting. The highest threshold is up to $300.

How much can anyone earn? It depends on your activity. The more tasks you do the more earnings you get. Some tasks are worth more than a cent per item.


Last year, I got over $20 in total in just one month. I started again in August and have earned a total of $34.79. Didn't do much tasks on Oct and this month but I will be getting more than $13 this week because there are lots of tasks. Haha. Won't know how much until the week is up. 

Other people I know earn more than me per week, like $20, $30 or more. That can equal to $80, $90 or more a month! I am always envious when they show their payment proof but hey, hardcore workers are hardcore earners too. Lol.


♦ Need more info? ♦


They have a FAQ section in case you need to know more. If you're Spanish, they have a Spanish tutorial/video and help page too. You can even change the language setting from English to Spanish or vice versa.



It's FREE to join and free to invite other people too.

The good thing about this is, if you sign up using my link, we both get some $$$ out of it. Who wouldn't want an extra dollar right?

So if you want to get an extra $1 for EVERY $10 you earn, click on the links and any images in this post to join Spare5. The limit is up to 180 days from sign up date so if you want additional $$$, do the tasks within 180 days of registration.


What are you waiting for? Sign up using my link to join Spare5 today. Haha.


Have fun!




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