Discovered the most difficult in the world of captcha

Posted in Default Category on June 04 at 04:03 PM
The network has an image of the most complex in the world of captcha, which was discovered by users. In order to change the password on one of the services, users need to solve a complicated chess problem.

A photo of a complicated captcha was published by an employee of Kaspersky Lab company Ido Naor (Ido Naor). He shared with the users a test to change the password, which is designed to distinguish live people from computer bots. Under the conditions of the most complicated CAPTCHA, the user needs to put a check and mat to the opponent in a difficult chess situation at one stroke. Naor himself considered such a captcha "excellent."

Users in comments were amazed that such complicated captures are used on the Internet. Many have tried to understand how many people in general will be able to pass this test. Some experienced players noted that it took them several minutes to solve the task. In the end, even the former world chess champion Garry Kasparov appeared in the comments, who noted that for more than 20 years computers have beaten the best chess players in the world, and in practice such a captcha is simply not applicable.

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