In the near future we will see large scale adaption of cryptocurrency in a country

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Cryptocurrency has a massive potential ,it has a lot to offer, we are merely at the beginning of the this technology ,exciting times ahead.

you could use the cryptocurrency as a tool that decreases corruption to massive proportion,
For example your goverment is using a certain cryptocurrency ,the goverment collects taxes in form of cryptocurrency
Citizens can then track down, exactly and to the penny, what their government is investing in, in real-time.

Another way you could use cryptocurrency
is solve problems regarding you own national currency.
I will take as an example Venezuela ,

Inflation rate has risen to massive proportion, people can't afford to buy even the basics,
they are reliant on food packets from the goverment ,some even life on the pension of their eldery parents.


How do you may ask ?

If the goverment somehow adapts cryptocurrencty on a large .that will benefit them a lot
but they have to keep one thing in my mind.Making the cryptocurrency shouldn't be the priority.Instead they have to choose a cryptocurrency in the market that fits their needs and has a strong project .You don't want to deter the investors and let the market do his own thing.

You can smooth the whole process by setting offices and people can come there and exchange their bolivar currency into certain cryptocurrency and you will burn the bolivar currency and that in turn will increase the value of it.People glady will welcome this with open arms.Stable currency .But the most important thing you must do is create acccomadtion where cryptocurrency is highly welcomed.

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