Facebook vs Sphere

Posted in Default Category on April 28 at 11:34 AM
On Facebook, you are the product. Your privacy is jeopardized because FB uses what you do to sell advertising.  Every move you make, every step you take, is monitored by Facebook.
Does Facebook give you are share of the money they make in advertising?
With Sphere, you are not the product.  You get paid for posting content. 
Sphere launched their ICO earlier this year and completed the initial sales of their Token.  Now by posting content, you are earn tokens which can be used to exchange in the marketplace. 
Come join me on Sphere and let's have fun sharing photos, videos, and other content without having our privacy compromised. 
I invite all my friends on Facebook to come and join me on Sphere.
Bruce Goldwell  <== click here after you register with Sphere to add me as a friend.

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