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  • Assenik Lyca
    The above report provides an overview of the potential of the # AFRICA remittance and payment market and how #Blockchain and #crypto will literally reinvent it.

    Just a brief observation of this analysis report gives a point on the contextual and the situation so that each one at his level can find the potential of the opportunity offered by the ecosystem #SUREBANQA with its platforms like #SurePAY, #SureSWAP , #JIFFY, #SureMARKETS #SureCYPHER, Etc.
  • Assenik Lyca
    This will be our disposable and dynamic QR Code, Blockchain powered payment card. It will there will be SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM SureCYPHER CARDS. It is Fiat and Crypto Agnostic.

    You can spend your FEX, BNQA and SAVER as local fiat in real time.

    It can be topped up with SurePAY e-Voucher and SureSWAP CryptoNote e-Voucher only.

    It will be accepted on SurePAY, SureSWAP and SureTELLER.

    SureCYPHER is our own Payment Card like Visa or Mastercard to power our
    • Assenik Lyca


  • Assenik Lyca
  • Assenik Lyca