????????♂ There is more than just privacy behind personal data and information.

Today and more than ever Dataare:

✅ The most valuable resource in the world,
✅ The new oil
✅ The new gold

Whatever your description, the data is extremely important for all organizations (Businesses, States / Governments NGOs, International Institutions, etc.). With Blockchain technology, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and connected devices all around us, users/consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of privacy and the protection of personal information. New technologies give organizations almost unlimited capacity to collect large amounts of personal information, analyze it, use it for many purposes and share it with others without inform you. However, organizations must ensure that they do so in a manner consistent with the protection of privacy.

What is "personal information"?

Personal information is "information about an identifiable individual". This definition is very broad and may include such things as name, address, government-issued identifiers, medical information and records, financial information and biometric data.

What you should know

1⃣. Do I need control and privacy of my data?

Yes, if you are a person who interacts and deals with the entities, it means you produce data every day, you must be aware, and take the appropriate measures to protect your personal information, make it accessible to the third party only under your control by monetizing it becomes now your wealth.

2⃣. How is consent so important?

Consent is an important element of privacy protection for both private and public sectors. Consent is considered valid only if it makes sense, that is, if it is reasonable to assume that the intended subjects of an enterprise's activities will understand the nature, purpose and consequences of the collection, use or disclosure to which they consent.

3⃣. We just had a breach with the 360 ​​° move of the bigger social network platform to the Blockchain.

Now what?

I hope you have planned and implemented a plan for securing and controlling your data outside Facebook's control of course.

Starting next month if we reach the required number of subscribers on SureSWAP, we will integrate the SureDID module to give you a digital identity, control and security of your information and personal data using the Blockchain and also monetize them according to the case, with the DID Tokens. From there you can connect to a web platform and social network without any fear that your personal data and information will be used without your knowledge or consent.

Facebook will also try to offer the same things, when they announce the introduction of the Blockchain for the protection of the identity of those present on the Facebook platform.
But think again, as I mentioned here last time Facebook and the other digital giant: GAFAM (US Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) and their Chinese equivalent BATX (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiomi). ) is a beautiful gateway for the secret services of these countries who seek to control everyone.
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) in his interview tries to dissuade the deserving of the decentralized ecosystem that gives the user total power and control over this personal information, all to tell you that their share of Blockchain will continue to to be centralized, it's better for him to stay with his usual database where he gives access to whoever he wants.
Let's be wise and smart.
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