The first major financial institution on the planet, JP Morgan, is now launching its own cryptocurrency after dealing with Bitcoin fraud and all the names of birds.
This ugly, gang leader and Bankster Jamie Dimon CEO of JPMorgan who is among the 5 most influential men on the planet, who normally in the best of all worlds of justice should be in jail has spent time for nearly 5 years to denigrate and insulting Bitcoin and the cryptoTech industry, today he announces the creation of their own crypto. Who are we laughing at?!!
They are the alpha and omega of the financial oligarchy and savage capitalism that is eating away at the world. Do you think that those who created the problem, can find solution to the problem.
 Who's wrong?

Many large corporations and centralized financial institutions will try to launch their own cryptocurrency to deceive the vigilance of their customers and their useful idiots, which will ultimately prove to be a fake. Just because they will never change the way they work, it will stay as usual.

The members of the cartel have since lost sleep, live a nightmarish moment, seek to make fire any wood, running everywhere like a hen without head to save the empire: "A TOO BIG TO FALL"
The truth is known: nothing will be as before with the rise of Blockchain and cryptoTech.
I highly recommend you to listen to the videos of trustworthy Bitcoin loyal advocate like Andrea Antanapoulos on his YouTube channel getting a copy of his Internet of Money book on Amazon, He says things like they're not marketing even less of the promotion. And also learn to think outside the box.

 Either wise and intelligent
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Posted by Assenik Lyca on February 15 at 10:46 PM

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