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Sphere Indonesia Community


  • Judith
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  • Judith
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  • Judith

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  • Judith
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  • Judith
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  • Judith

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  • Judith
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  • Los
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  • Judith
    Yesterday a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was officially signed making TBC as Legal Money for the 110 Tribes of the Philippines. See MOA below:


    CDO TBC Consumer’s Cooperative & 110 Tribes of the Philippines


    This Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is made on this 28th day of May 2018 between CDO TBC Consumer’s Cooperative an organization which offers cryptocurrency The Billion Coin (TBC) the first abundance based cryptocurrency to the 110 Tribes...  more
  • Judith
    The only cryptocoin that will not be controlled by the evil elite, is the mighty #TBC! More than 3 million tbc members strong can't be wrong! Market-based cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin sooner or later will crash. Why? Because they can be manipulated by the filthy rich! Not TBC because it is a solid community-based movement which is why you should get on board NOW while you still can!

    1 full TBC current price is $8,438,402!
    Make sure to get at least 1 before the end of May 2018!

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  • Judith
    Good day great Tibicians..
    God bless our week.
    Still want to encourage us to tell ur down lines to pay their 10$ and if u can pay for them.
    As TBC becomes financial freedom, I see people trying to kill them self. As a result of regret..

    You owe ur Friends and family this info.
    Just tell them
    Forget if they believe you or not,
    So that when time comes, u will say " *BUT I TOLD YOU"*
    to free ur self.

    For the tbc challenges
    Not .. U even in Christ offence must come.
    But he that holds to...  more
  • Judith
    Hi friend join me and become among the tbc million TBC Rocks come and know what TBC is all about