• Егор Андреев
    Leonardo da Vinci NFT = $VCI Airdrop

    ???? 0.1% of the VCI total supply up for grab!

    ???? 1,000,000 VCI will be allocated to Leonardo da Vinci NFT Drop!

    ???? All eligible supporters of Vinci’s NFT Campaign will share the 1,000,000 VCI airdrop pool.

    The eligible addresses will be whitelisted and announced.

    ???? THIS IS Your Chance to Enter Vinci Protocol

    ???? About the rewards
    Tokens will be distributed after the end of the giveaway.
    The end time of this campaign is to be determined.
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  • Егор Андреев
    Value: $400/BOX
    ???? 500 random winners will win 500 boxes ($400/box)
    ✅ Complete all mandatory tasks - fraud application will be declined
    ✅ Invite more people to increase your chances of winning!!!
    ????The more you active, the more chance to win
    P/s: As we want to keep EMOVES community grow healthy and active, we will use the smart bot to verify your entry, should you meet any fraud or scam...  more
  • Егор Андреев
    #Airdrop!!! Basic Rewards: All users will receive TRX proportionally from the 95,000TRX pool.
    Period: February 14th - March 14th GMT +9

    will be distributed on March 28th..
  • Егор Андреев
    ???? #Airdrop Rewards Valentine Event to receive value 80,000 $FOFS
    For who join the activity, more than 3,000 rewards.
    Channels for following our information
    Website :

    ’ details
    1st 1000$FOFS
    2nd 500$FOFS
    3rd 300$FOFS
    4th 200$FOFS
    5th 100$FOFS
    6th 75$FOFS
    7th 75$FOFS
    8th 75$FOFS
    9th 75$FOFS
    10th 75$FOFS
    11st -20th 50$FOFS
    21-3000th 25$FOFS

    Participants in the Airdrops activity
    on 12th February 2022 – 20th March 2022
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  • Егор Андреев
    ???? The Biggest Christmas Contest Ever: 1,250,000 #USD Total Prize Pool #NFT
    ???????? Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas Everyone! FOTA Claus is here to bring you gifts on Christmas!
    ???? Want to be a part of the FOTA #Metaverse for FREE? Join our Gleam Contest for a chance to get a Legendary NFT Hero - #KYLA Dragon
    ????Total Winners:
    Top 1000 Participants with The Most #Entries

    4000 Winners!
    ⏰ Time: 10th December 2021 - 10th February 2022 (UTC)
    ???? Winners Announcement: 10th February...  more
  • Егор Андреев
    Impulse #airdrop
    Each participant will be awarded his own NFT (#BSC)!
    650,000 IMP for our distribution members.
    Complete all the necessary tasks to get rewards.
    System of whitelist and ranks.
  • Егор Андреев
    Airdrop Flag Network ($20)!
    10,000 Flag Token ( Value $20 ).
    Connect Metamask (BSC network);
    Join Telegram Flag Network Official Global;
    Subscribe Telegram Flag Network Announcement;
    Follow Flag Network Twitter & our chief technology officer;
    Retweet the pinned Tweet of Flag Network with hashtags #IDO #Airdrop #Whitelist #NFT #P2P
    As a holder of the FLAG token, you are entitled to a share of the revenue of Flag Network via Staking.

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  • Егор Андреев
    NFTSEA is a Next-generation NFT platform. It aims to simplify the user threshold, provide cross-blockchain support, and provide lower rates to improve the NFT ecosystem and become the largest, lowest rate, and most comprehensive cross-blockchain NFT marketplace. NFTSEA will be community driven and governed, and the core members of the community are composed of top investors in the NFT field.

    NS is the governance token of NFTSEA, with a total issuance of only 5,000,000. It is...  more
  • Егор Андреев
    Free ( $50,000,000 ) Airdrop Giveaway : EIFI Token.
    For each new user 1 EIFI.
    For each invited friend 1 EIFI
  • Егор Андреев
    Wizard World Token - Airdrop
    Airdrop $WWT
  • Егор Андреев
    The bot gives 0.024 TWT every 30 minutes. Invite your friends! For each invited friend, you will receive 0.06 TWT.
    TWT is a TrustWallet wallet token frm the Binance exchange.

    #TrustWallet #Binance #airdrop #bot #free #Telegram
  • Егор Андреев
    Impermax Finance is an advanced DeFi ecosystem that helps Liquidity Providers to leverage their LP tokens and holdings by creating a set of financial tools based on these tokens. It is a permissionless lending market that Liquidity Providers can utilize to leverage LP tokens as collateral to borrow other tokens in their ETH pair.

    Impermax Finance is airdropping their new governance token IMX to Uniswap V2 liquidity providers. The snapshot was taken on April 25th at 12:00 AM UTC. Uniswap V2...  more