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on October 30 at 08:31 AM
Hello guys, today I will share about Gold Reward ICO~ check it out!
What is Gold Reward? 
Just like Bitconnect and more recently Regalcoin, the new platform offers lending program and offering users a huge interest rate up to 35% per month. They make money by trading bitcoin and other altcoins which allow them to pay such a high rate of interest on any money that is sent to them. The new platform has 3 main functions - a crytpocurrency coin that can be send as payment or gifted to friends like Bitcoin and other popular coins, a gamification technology and fuel for an intelligent analytics engine.
How does it Work? 
Once their ICO is finished the new lending platform will go live. To set up a loan all you need to do is log on to the platform, deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum into your account and exchange it for the New GRX Token.
Interest Rates
The new website states that they offer interest rates based upon how much you lend them, interest rates are paid daily directly into your account, the details are:
$100-$1.000: up to 1% interest daily with your capital returned after 280 days.
$1.001-$5.000: up to 1.1% interest daily with your capital returned after 260 days.
$5.001-$12.000: up to 1.2% interest daily with your capital returned after 170 days.
$12.001-$100.000: up to 1.3% interest daily with your capital returned after 120 days.
Refferal Program
As with most of these lending platforms they attract new customers by using a refferal program. The Gold Reward program offers an attractive refferal rate of 5%. Downlines are capped at a max of $200. This actually makes it sound more realistic than some of the other platforms available. You can get started with our team to get a 10% bonus for every GRX Token you purchased. Register here:
Rod Map
February 2017: The New Gold Reward Token was first developed.
March 2017: Their New Trading Bot was launched, they've tested for 6 months.
March 2017: The New Gamification API was designed.
April 2017: The New Platform Initiated Partnerships with Mobile App Developers.
May 2017: The Staking and Lending Platform was designed.
October 2017: The Pre-Sale and ICO is set to go live.
November 2017: Begin Trading on GRX Platform.
November 2017: Engagement and Listing on Major External Exchanges.
March 2018: Deployment of GRX Gamification API.
April 2018: Strengthen Partnerships with Relevant Mobile App Devs.
August 2018: Deployment of GRX Android App.
January 2019: Deployment of GRX iOS App.
-Continued Development and Expansion-
Token Name: Gold Reward Token
Abbreviation: GRX
Decimals: 18
Total Token Supply: 20.000.000
Available Token for ICO: 17.500.000 (87.5% of Total Supply)
Token Distribution during ICO
Pre-Sale: 5.000.000 GRX (4.500.000 + 10% in bonuses) [Sold Out!]
ICO Round 1: 4.500.000 GRX (4.050.000 + 10% in bonuses) [Coming Soon]
ICO Round 2: 4.000.000 GRX (3.700.000 + 7.5% in bonuses) [Coming Soon]
ICO Round 3: 4.000.000 GRX (3.760.000 + 6% in bonuses) [Coming Soon]
The Pre-Sale has ended 4.500.000 GRX Token sold out in 5 days, yeah sold out! I'm lucky I have a chance to buy some GRX Token, once more people know about this project it's mean more people will get involved. What do you think? are you interested? The ICO will start on 28th October, register and take your seat! register here:
If you missed out on the ICO of other lending platforms this new sale is your chance. Bitconnect has risen to over $100 per token and Regalcoin is fast catching up with a price now $40 per coin. The lending platform offers a high rate of interest that is sure to attract many investors. Join with my link if you think this is a good project, let's have some fun~

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