freedom 1941 vs 1991 in Croatia

on June 17 at 03:32 PM
As you all know 1941 the Second World War was in full swing, the fight for freedom was also fierce in Croatia. We were on the winning side, and at the end of the war found a common state with other Slavs. That communism was a well-thought-out society, but human greed has no end. My grandmother's brother, who was killed in the last days of the war, said the painful truth: "Communism was lost in the war, the moment the kitchen was divided. Better food for officers, and a bit worse for the fighters."
Never in this region has been 50 years without war, so in 1991, we re-created the state. This time we made free and independent Croatia. But immediately came to power people who just wanted money and power. Croatia has joined the new art form, the EU. And robberies continued and multiplied, all companies were privatized for 1 kuna. And people are comforted by the victory of football players or water polo players at the world championships.

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