13 Meme Plesetan Nyeleneh This Guaranteed Will Make You Wondering, Make a Bit!

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Original May 28th. 2018
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Sometimes we are often contrived to laugh by something unclear, but not a few people who are confused if not understand what the author intended. Understanding each person is different - different gaeess, there is a direct understanding of what he sees, but there is also a need for a little time until what he saw is really understandable.
As with some of the following memes, it's possible for some people to understand what, but what about you?
1.Inikah his name is love ,,, oh this is love ,,,, he ,,, he ,,
Copyright Owner: Raditya Yusuf Ranaya
2.Kalau it sikat brush mas ,,,, kebulak ,,, eh reverse ,,,
3.Nahhh ,, if that's the name kecewe ,,, ups! Cockroach ,,,
4.Bukannya baper it ,, if we are fast fast like baper ,,, yes ,,?
5.Ha ,,, ha ,, was not just a place to eat wrote lesehan
6.It's a giant mah dish ,,,
7.That is the dangdut group is yaa ,,,?
Copyright Owner: Raditya Yusuf Ranaya
8.Cieee ,,,, cie ,,,,!
9.wkwkwkww ,,, baby face from Hongkong
10.Hi ,,, hi ,,, mentang - mentang made of cardboard
11.Totalitas in looking for Pokemon?
12.Ha ,,, ha ,,, may have a point too, is not it?
13.Oallaah ,,,, already replace vocalist anyway?
Copyright Owner: Raditya Yusuf Ranaya
Well how do you guys gaeess? Create confusion or even make a laugh? Please love the comments and do not forget to always share with friends and people you care about, thank you.
Copyright Owner: Raditya Yusuf Ranaya
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Followers 4683
Make something ordinary into something funny from a different point of view
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