Blogs Hires Garrick Hileman

on May 18 at 07:35 PM

Cryptocurrency data resource and wallet provider has annnounced in a blog post that it had hired a Cambridge academic as its new head of research May 16

According to the post, it revealed that Garrick Hileman, author of multiple cryptocurrency research publications, would “lead a new research arm aimed at elevating blockchain (sic) technology to its full potential.”

While speaking to Business Insider following his appointment, Hileman said he was surprised that figures such as Nouriel Roubini and Paul Krugman “have a hard time seeing the technology.”

“Some of them don’t have the best track record for understanding technology, to be frank,” he told the publication.

He said;

“Paul Krugman famously thought the internet wasn’t all that more significant than a fax machine. I’m not sure I would have a lot of success helping them understand the significance of this technology ad a new platform, as something that in some ways can be compared to the internet.”

The wallet service provider had earlier hired ex-Goldman Sachs executive Breanne Madigan join as head of institutional sales and strategy last month, making Garrick Hileman second high profile hire within a weeks.

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