Offshore company: registration or purchase?

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Opening an offshore company is a way to comfortably conduct business in the conditions of global political and economic instability. In states where there are favorable tax conditions for non-residents, it is convenient for both large international holdings and private entrepreneurs to register their business.

To open an offshore company, it is not necessary to be a specialist in international law. It is enough to contact a reliable intermediary who will solve all your questions at a professional level.

Offshore company is a profitable solution

So, there are a number of countries in the world that are ready to register foreign companies on their territory for a moderate fee and provide them with more favorable tax conditions than they would have in their own state. This scheme of doing business is called offshore business. Its advantages, in addition to the reduction or complete absence of the tax burden, are complete confidentiality and protection of assets from confiscation or seizure by another state.

All offshore companies - offshore

The key offshore zones of the world are the Seychelles, Belize, British Virgin Islands. Cyprus is also popular among Russian legal entities, providing preferential tax conditions when doing business on its territory and tax exemption when doing business outside the island.

Suitable offshore zones are determined by the following parameters:

  • type of activity of the company;
  • business countries;
  • availability of agreements on the exclusion of double taxation;
  • company name requirements.
  • Offshore registration from scratch

How to register a company offshore? The registration procedure in most countries is the same, no matter what types of offshore companies are offered. Seychelles company registration is very easy. To begin with, the name is checked, which usually takes up to five days. If the name is approved, it is required to provide data for registration and wait for corporate documents, which can be received within seven to 18 days. All processes can be carried out remotely. Often the registration of offshore companies only requires the owners to provide a scanned copy of the passport with the registration page.

Ready-made offshore companies - a simple solution

If it is not too important for you to name your company yourself, then you can save a lot of time and purchase a ready-made offshore, already registered in accordance with all the rules of your chosen jurisdiction. The procedure is carried out, as a rule, within one day, and you can change the name of the company later, this is not prohibited. Really acquire a company that was registered several years ago, which will only give it weight in the eyes of partners. However, the maintenance of offshore companies requires annual deductions, so, all other things being equal, buying a company "with experience", for which your intermediary paid money longer, will cost more.

Where to buy offshore: a competent approach to choosing an intermediary
Many intermediaries currently offer to buy a ready-made offshore or register a new one. The further fate of your offshore company will depend on their honesty, professionalism and attentiveness to customer requests.

Let's try to list the main theses-recommendations for choosing a mediator. Criteria by which you can determine a reliable intermediary:

Solid experience in the market and impeccable reputation. Avoid one-day companies.

In the list of proposals, he always has the so-called best offshores - companies in the key offshore zones of the world.

The ability to provide detailed advice to determine the jurisdiction of the future offshore. Specialists of the intermediary company should be able to tell in detail and in an accessible way about the political and economic situation in the offshore zone and the specifics of the legislation in relation to this zone.
Individual approach to the client based on the principles of trust and confidentiality. It is important to be sure that the discussion of your financial schemes will remain only between you and the intermediary. Opening a bank account for a new company.

Bank employees carefully check all documents, which can give you additional guarantees. As a rule, offshore company registration and account opening services are provided in one package.

The ability to find all the latest news and changes regarding offshore companies on the website of the intermediary company. A reliable intermediary is always aware of offshore blacklists - registering your company in one of these zones will attract increased attention to the company in the country of business and, instead of easing the tax burden, will only aggravate it. In many countries, offshore transactions are carefully controlled.

Purity of reputation of ready-made offshore companies. The intermediary must guarantee that no one has previously used the company you bought and its history is impeccable.

Compliance of the cost of services with the current state of the market. The price for offshore from the leading intermediary companies will always be almost the same.

So, to run an offshore business - if you need tax incentives or capital guarantees - you need to open a new offshore company or purchase a ready-made one. However, both should be done exclusively with the help of professionals: international law requires high competence. In order to correctly choose the best offshore for your purposes and determine the appropriate legal regime for a company, you need to understand the main legal, economic and even political trends in the development of offshores, as well as to know the many individual features of each of them.

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