What Is Method For PCB Copy

on March 22 at 02:43 PM

We can complete any electronic products copy and clone through PCB copy board technology.


Most people copy PCB for the purpose of modifying the PCB board. Is to design the PCB board for reverse technology research. Since single layer PCB copy is very easy, we will not say more. Now after a lot of references, let's talk about the multi-layer PCB copy method:

 What Is Method For PCB Copy


If you can copy single and double layer PCB board. In fact, four-layer PCB board copy is to repeat two double-sided PCB board, six-layer pcb is to repeat three double-sided pcb board...... The reason why multiple layers make people difficult. Because we can't see the trace inside. How can we see the inside of a precise multi-layer board? The best way to do this is to layer.


There are many ways to layer now, there are potion corrosion, cutting tool stripping and so on. However, these methods can easily split the layers and lose data. Experience tells us that sandpaper grinding is the most accurate.


When we finish copying the top and bottom of the PCB, we generally use sandpaper to polish the way to grind off the surface layer to show the inner layer. Sandpaper is the common sandpaper sold in the market. Generally, the PCB is tiled, and then the sandpaper is held down to rub evenly on the PCB. If the PCB board is small, you can also lay the sandpaper flat and rub the PCB against the sandpaper with one finger. The point is to smooth the pcb board so that it can be ground evenly.


The multi-layer pcb board should be carefully sanded into the inner layer. At the same time, the copy pcb step from step three to step five is repeated. Of course, the shapes are named differently, depending on the number of layers. Generally, double-sided PCB copy is much simpler than multi-layer PCB board. Multi-layer PCB copy is prone to misalignment. So the multilayer board copy board to be particularly careful and careful (the internal conduction hole and no conduction hole is prone to problems).


The silk screen and green oil are generally wiped off, and the copper wire and copper skin will be wiped a few times. Generally speaking, the bluetooth board can be wiped in a few minutes, and the memory bar is about ten minutes. Of course, the more strength, the less time it takes; It takes a little more time.


Polishing PCB board is currently the most common scheme for layering, but also the most economical. Let's try a useless PCB first. In fact, there is no technical difficulty in polishing the PCB board, but it is a little boring, it takes a little effort, and you don't have to worry about wearing the PCB board.


A copy PCB board that is the same as the original board comes out. But that's only half the battle. But also to test, test copy PCB board electronic technical performance is not the same as the original board. If so, it's really done.


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