Best 3-star Accommodations in Makkah

on March 13 at 05:19 PM
Makkah is the holiest city in Islam. It is the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad SAWW. Every year millions of pilgrims from all over the world come there to perform Umrah. In Makkah, there are different types of hotels for Pilgrims but 3-star hotels are a wonderful option for them. This is a perfect combination of affordable prices and good service. These hotels are more comfortable than one and two-star hotels. Thousands of Muslim pilgrims travel with Umrah packages all-inclusive throughout the year for minor pilgrimage.
Some of the best 3-star accommodations in Makkah are listed below:

Naseem Aljoury Hotel:

It is located in Makkah near Jabal Thawr and Al Sharaye Stadium. This accommodation offers free Wi-Fi and free room service. All rooms are air-conditioned. The electric kettle is available in all the rooms. A buffet breakfast is available every day. Masjid Al Haram, Zamzam well, and Masjid Al Haram King Abdul Aziz Gate are near the hotel.

Kenoz Makkah Hotel:

It is located in the prime location of Makkah. This hotel provides a lot of facilities to make your stay pleasant. Kenoz Makkah Hotel offers the facilities of a car park, room service, and laundry. All rooms are air-conditioned and have the facilities of TV, refrigerator, and room safe.

Al Reyadah Royal Hotel:

This hotel is a popular choice of travelers. It provides all the services and facilities to pilgrims. All rooms are decorated to make pilgrims feel at home. The hotel staff is very friendly. Rooms are facilitated with TV, Cable TV, and AC. It also has the facility of car parking. The hotel also provides facilities for disabled guests.

Olayan Diamond Hotel-Al Maabda:

It is located at Khansah district in Makkah. The guests who travel by car will be pleased to see the parking lot. It has the facility of internet and elevator. The staff can speak English and Arabic. The hotel has a lot of rooms with a landmark. Rooms are soundproofing.

Reefaf Al Hayat Hotel:

This 3-star hotel is located in Makkah. The hotel has the facilities of ATM, Fax machine photocopy machine that pilgrims can use. The hotel provides Halal breakfast every morning. The staff speaks English and Urdu. Reservation team of the Islamic Travel can include this hotel in your Cheap December Umrah Packages. All the rooms of the hotel are decorated and have a facility of wardrobes. Reefaf Al Hayat hotel provides free transport to Masjid-ul-Haram in the last 10 days of Ramazan. Mina, Abraj Al Bait, and Taif Regional Airport are near this accommodation. The hotel provides the facilities of free parking, free Wi-Fi, Family rooms, and nonsmoking rooms.

Yasmin Al Majid Hotel:

This hotel is located in Makkah near Abraj Al Bait and Masjid Al Haram. Free Wi-Fi and TV is available in all the rooms. All the rooms have a private bathroom. It has a beautiful seating area. Abraj Al Bait mall and Zamzam well are near the Hotel. King Abdulaziz International Airport is near this accommodation. It provides the facility of 24-hour front desk. This hotel is clean and comfortable. Its staff is cheerful and cooperative.

These are the best and most affordable 3-star accommodations in the holy city of Makkah.

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