Women Leather Jackets for Different Body Types: How to Find the Perfect Fit

on January 25 at 11:59 AM

As a matter of fact, we all love to don a nice, comfortable leather jacket that will not only provide us warmth in the winter season but also, we will be able to slay and stand out in fancy events. Irrespective of whether it is a vintage leather jacket or hooded leather jacket women’s or the cool, classic biker jacket or a classy leather blazer - it is a must-to-have clothing item in your wardrobe for every season.

But similar to our priorities in changing fashion and style, our body shapes also are totally varying and different. By nature, no two bodies are ever the same, and this is what makes us versatile and different from each other. In today's world, where body positivity and self-acceptance are pleasantly booming, we are free to dress to fit our body type and not necessarily our clothes. This is the mantra we adapt and promote, and so should you.

However, it doesn't matter what your body shape and figure are - SCIN is bringing you high-quality and perfect hooded leather jacket women’s, which will ensure that your style evolves and your confidence remains intact. This blog will shed light on all the beautiful and versatile body types and for which leather jacket may be perfect for enhancing your figure.

Why Choosing a Leather Jacket in Accordance with Your Body Shape Is Essential?

Before we jump onto the style segment, it is important to understand why picking a leather jacket according to your body shape and size is equally important. If you are still trying to figure out, why it is essential, we have summed up some points to help you understand better. 


Comfort is Primary

Undoubtedly, fashion and trends hold their own importance but keep your comfort always the primary priority. While buying winter staples such as hooded leather jacket women’s, don't forget that the apparel item shouldn't only stay in your closet - it should be comfortable enough for you to wear it often and not make you feel tucked in and pull that out continuously.


Flexing The Muscles

Anyone who works out religiously wants to flaunt those biceps and triceps, regardless of the weather. When you choose a leather jacket that doesn't end up making you look shabby, you get a boost of confidence and can flex your body in whatever way you want.


Event Appropriate Outwear

It will be a total waste if you will invest in a leather outfit without taking the event or occasion into consideration. Of course, a casual bomber jacket won't suit you if you are going to attend a semi-formal conference or dinner. Therefore, it is important to find a middle ground for your fashion sense and outfit ideas.


Free of Hassle Layering

No one wants to look choked up while putting on a leather jacket. You should have something that will help you in layering other clothing items simultaneously. Heavily-pleated hooded leather jacket women’s and ruffled leather jackets aren’t the most adequate choices for colder weather especially when you’ll be wearing a sweater, and underneath a warmer vest as well.


Various Body Types and Leather Jackets To Suit Them

Now that you are aware that why knowing your body type is important to don a leather jacket - now is the time to grab those cool hooded leather jacket women’s that will keep you warm and stylish this colder season. Let's have a look at all the body types and the jackets that will complement them.


Trapezoid Body Shape

A well-proportioned body that progresses with daily workout results is more likely to fit in the trapezoid category. Usually, people having trapezoid body contains wide shoulders, broad chests, and slim torso. It automatically makes them look fit and strong. People with trapezoid bodies can try women real leather jackets and long trench coats however provided their body shape, bomber jackets suit them the most. 


Inverted Triangle Body Shape

However, an inverted triangle-shaped body is usually considered appealing for men but women sometimes also have this body shape. Wide shoulders and chest paired with a  lean and thin lower body. You give off a strong, rigid, and well-proportioned vibe and this is something definitely to flaunt about. 


A fitted, tailored leather jacket wouldn't look good on this body type - however unstructured leather jacket would look the best. Such jackets follow clear stitching patterns and permit the inverted triangle bodies to be aligned properly. For everyday use, an unstructured blazer should be your answer, because it provides great layering and is long-lasting as well.


Rectangular Body Shape

There is absolutely no need to worry if you do not have curves and a straight upper body. The choice of leather jacket that you will find is rather amazing. The coats for rectangular bodies are usually longer than usual and don't end at your waistline. They are minimalist and provide full hip coverage. However, leather pea coats sometimes are not long enough to be compatible with overcoats but they are reliable alternatives.


Keep in mind that for a rectangular body type, always avoid pleats, extra pockets, and lapels on leather jackets. This makes the layering full of hassle. A leather pea coat is your go-to choose and makes you stand out as well as elevate your wardrobe.


Oval Body Shape

In an oval body type, the shoulders are slim and the abdomen is round. It is not the most desired body shape because looking for clothes that will fit this body figure is a daunting task. However, this isn't a problem anymore because motorcycle jackets are at your rescue. 


Motorcycle leather jackets incorporate well-defined shoulders and properly tailored cuts. they make you look appealing and absolutely dapper. Biker jackets don’t have a lot of detailing around their cuts. But one thing is certain you can never go wrong with a motorcycle or biker jacket, once you find the perfect size and cut.


Wrap Up

In this blog, we have explained briefly why knowing your body type is important and which jackets go well with which primary body types. We hope you will find ease in looking out for jackets according to your body shape now. Happy winters and happy shopping.


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