The Negatives of an Efficiency Apartment

on January 13 at 07:47 AM

There is a lot to love about an efficiency apartment if you choose to move into one of these as your new home. They allow you to live in some better areas, they cost less than some of the other apartments, and they can make it possible for you to have your own space without needing to worry about a roommate. But despite some of the benefits of these apartments, there are also some drawbacks that you need to consider as well. Some of the common issues that can show up when you are looking to move into an efficiency apartment include:

# They are small: You may be surprised at just how small the efficient apartment can be. They are even smaller than a studio. This is why they can be offered for so much less than you would see with the studio or other units too. You should look around one before deciding if you would like to move in. 

# They don’t have a full kitchen: The kitchen in the efficiency apartment is not going to be that great. If you love to cook and want to save money that way, then you may need to get a bit creative to see it happen. The kitchen space is much less than with a studio apartment. 

# There is no room for a roommate: If you are looking to keep your costs as low as possible, then having a roommate can make a lot of sense. But with an efficiency apartment, there really isn’t any extra room. One person can feel pretty cramped in this space, so having two or more can be pretty much impossible. 

# There is no privacy: Unlike some of the other apartment units that you can consider, there is no privacy in these. You will have a little section off for the bathroom, but the kitchen, living room, and bedroom are all going to be part of one another, with no walls to make rooms between them. If you plan to live alone and not entertain much, then this will probably not be a big deal. But if you need some more privacy with it, then you will want to look for another unit. 


While there are a lot of benefits to choosing an efficiency apartment, there are also some negatives that you need to consider. And knowing all of the positives and the negatives when looking for apartments near Michigan State University can be important before you make your big decision. Come and schedule a visit with us to see some of our great off-campus apartments to see whether they can provide the comfort and space that you need.


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