How To Renew Your Green Card

on December 25 at 12:59 AM

If your green card has expired or it’s expiring in the next 4 months it may be time to renew it. We will go over how to renew your green card. Usually renewing a green card is a simple 4 step process.



How To Renew Your Green Card

  1. Fill out a renewal application online or by mail
  2. Make sure you have all of your supporting documents
  3. If required make sure you pay for all of the government fees
  4. Finally submit your new application and wait patiently for your new green card.


Just because your green card expired doesn’t mean you aren’t a lawful U.S. permanent citizen. That status you get to keep for life. (Unless of course, you commit a crime that could cause you to be deported or if you stay abroad to a different country for a way too long). When your green card expires it just basically means you need the updated version. And you should know the design of the green card changes over time. But you do need it to prove that you live in the United States and to be able to re-enter the country after traveling to other countries.



Need Your New Green Card In A Rush?


The USCIS may make an exception and give you an “Alien Documentation, Identification & Telecommunications.” ADIT stamp to prove that you are a holder of a green card and that your status of being a United States citizen is real. Some of the reasons you may need this include the following:


# If you need to prove that you are a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. for example if you are trying to get employment while you’re waiting for your new green card to arrive.


# You happened to apply for naturalization 6 months before your green card actually expires in such a case you would not need to file a Form 1-90



How To Pay For Your Green Card Renewal Fees


If you pay online you’ll need to complete Form 1-90 online, then you will be directed to so you can pay electronically with a debit or credit card. If you plan to pay by mail you can absolutely pay with a money order, personal check, or even a cashier’s check but you have to make it out to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Refrain from abbreviating the names. Or you can pay by credit card if you use Form G-1450 which is officially called the Authorization for Credit Card Transactions.



When You Should Renew Your Green Card


Usually, it’s best to apply for renewal when you are an owner of a 10-year green card that is about to expire within 6 months. But you should refrain from applying too early because if you do the USCIS may happen to deny your application and even keep your payment.

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