Three Things that You Should Avoid Wearing when Meeting Escorts and Companions

on December 21 at 10:33 AM

Dressing up for a date with escorts and companions can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never had such a date. You might have a lot of options at your disposal, but always make sure to pick the ones that make you feel good and look good. You may want to impress the high end escorts you are meeting, but you also need to be aware of your comfort. 

How to Decide What to Wear When Meeting Escorts and Companions?

Getting ready for a date can be tricky, even with an escort. That’s because there are many things one must consider before making any decision. There is always the venue where you are meeting, and right after that is the event that’s taking place there, if any. Also, one must wonder how comfortable they can be around someone they haven’t met before. So picking out the right outfit can be just as challenging for the client as it is for the escort. That’s why prepping for a date can take a while, especially if this is your first date with a professional companion.

First, when picking out your outfit for your date with any escorts and companions, make sure to wear something you feel good about. You can’t wear the clothes you sit around the house in, but you don’t have to wear a suit. Just make sure that it is decent and that you can move freely in it. Also, make sure that it isn’t too snug on you. You may want to impress the rest of the people around you with your sculpted figure, but there’s no need to flex too hard. Those clothes may not even be suitable for the date.

Another thing to pay attention to when picking out what you will wear when meeting escorts and companions is how you look in the outfit you want to wear. How you look when you’re dressed for a date is as important as how you feel when dressed. That’s why wearing clothes that bring out your most attractive features is important. For instance, if you have broad shoulders, you should wear a diner jacket that brings them out. If you have a subtle waistline and abs, accentuate it with a bet and a slim-fit shirt. Take a look or two at yourself in the mirror before going out the door. This way, you will get an impression of what you are putting out there and how you will be perceived.

Three Things that You Should Avoid Wearing when Meeting Escorts and Companions

One thing one should avoid wearing on any date with escorts and companions is expensive jewelry. You might be tempted to wear your most expensive and flashy jewelry when going on a date. You don’t have to do that, and you shouldn’t do it. That’s because, although your watch may turn a few heads, it may also attract some unwanted attention from others. You don’t want to constantly be afraid of somebody trying to steal it from you. Another reason not to wear your ruby cufflinks or diamond pinky ring is that you might damage them unwillingly. Stuff happens in real life, and you might end up scratching them or, worse, losing them when you go to the men’s room. You’d better leave them at home, or you might worry about them more than enjoying your date.

Other things you shouldn’t wear when going on a date with escorts and companions are colognes or perfumes with powerful scents. You might enjoy a strong, musky smell, but that might be too much for your date and other people near you. You can go with something a little bit easier on the senses. This way, you won’t bother anyone else, and you will also be able to enjoy a wonderful evening. Also, if you have problems requiring specific deodorants, you might want to ensure that you have the problem under control. Yes, some may find it manly, but others may find the smell offensive. So keep in mind always making sure that you smell your best, but without putting too much effort into it.

You may also want to avoid wearing clothes or shoes not in your size. Some people may like a garment so much that they will try and wear it even if it isn’t in their size. The same goes for shoes. But this is entirely wrong. Firstly, you will not be comfortable during your date, and secondly, you may even make your escorts and companions feel awkward. Also, you have to understand that wearing baggier clothes doesn’t mean that you can hide your body that well. It is the same with tight-fitting clothes. You will look like someone who has made a poor decision regarding dressing. So avoid embarrassment and wear whatever you have that is your size.

How Can You Tell High End Escorts to Dress for a Date?

When meeting with high end escorts, you should know that you can ask them to dress up in a certain way if you want and if they agree to do it. That’s because they will usually take requests from their clients. Granted, it depends on what you have regarding clothes, but you can make suggestions. Many escorts dress a certain way when meeting clients because they specifically request it. They understand how important clothing is for their fantasies and want to help them fulfill them.

For instance, you could ask high end escorts to dress classy if you intend to take her out to eat at a restaurant with a required dress code. Just like you could as her to dress more casually if you plan on staying in the whole evening. It is all up to you and what your fantasy is. You can even ask for more extreme outfits. Just ensure that the escort is ok with this, and don’t try insisting if she refuses. You will only make things worse, and you will start your date, if there will be any, on the wrong foot.

But What If I Want to Send Her a Specific Dress?

You can do that if she is ok with it. Many clients send their escorts various gifts and even clothes they should wear when meeting them. So there should be no problem. You might need to leave it with the agency, and they’ll deliver it, but you should be ok. 

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