Marketing 101: Postcards

on December 01 at 04:10 PM

Postcard marketing allows businesses to market their products or services by using promotional business cards. Promo postcard content can include announcements, coupons and new product or service introductions. Today, laminated postcards are preferred by businesses because at least 86% consumers read them when they arrive in the mail.


Cost of postcard marketing campaigns is affected by several factors such as the number of postcards and their destination. Also, the choice of which service provider the business uses to create the postcards. You can measure the effectiveness of postcard marketing by counting the number clients who have booked services and products relative to the postcards, and the number who have visited the unique postcard links.


 Marketing 101: Postcards


How do you create a successful postcard marketing campaign?


To encourage client purchase, it is important that business owners and marketers send multiple plastic postcards to their target audience. These are the key reasons why postcard marketing campaigns work:


Planning is key to successful postcard marketing campaigns


Brands must plan carefully for their postcard marketing campaigns. This starts with identifying the campaign's goals. Next, brands should identify the calls to actions for each stage of their marketing campaign. Three postcards should be used to start a campaign. The first postcard should drive website traffic. The second should encourage sign-ups to VIP or rewards clubs. Finally, the third should offer lifetime memberships with a discount.


Beautiful postcard designs enhance postcard marketing campaign effectiveness


A postcard's design will be the first thing that a target audience notices about it. A postcard's design is worth a thousand words. It will make a lasting impression on a brand. A simple design that includes a few images and a matching pattern of colors can make a strong impression.


Attention-grabbing copy


A strong headline is the key to any postcard marketing campaign copy. The headline should be compelling people to read more of your postcard content. A headline should be simple and provide a benefit to those who receive the postcard. You can write a headline in the form of questions or a how to.




The postcard headline should be as important as the call to action. A postcard with a compelling call to action is more likely to get people to share or buy a message about a brand. Calls to Action must be clear, value-oriented and should inspire urgency. They shouldn't appear too salesy or fake to appeal to the masses.


For effective postcard marketing campaigns, use an active voice


When writing copy for a postcard, use an active voice to create excitement. Avoid boring messages and use vibrant words to grab attention on your postcards. Active voice makes it easier to write postcard copy. It is also more clear and concise.


How do you run successful postcard campaigns?


Postcard campaigns are usually budget-friendly and allow brands easy measurement of results.


- Identify the target audience. It is important for brands to understand the demographics and behavior of their target audience before sending plastic postcards.


- Form SMART postcard marketing goals. They should be precise, measurable and attainable.


- Set a budget for your campaigns. Based on factors such as the number of cards, the amount that should be spent should also be determined.


- Create the postcard. After testing several designs, the brands can choose the right size, design and copy to use on their postcards.


- Start the postcard campaigns. After the brand has approved the best design for the postcard, they will print more cards and begin running campaigns.


- Monitoring of results from postcard campaigns. This allows brands to track the results of their postcard campaigns and provides data that can be used to improve future campaigns.


Postcard marketing has many benefits


Postcard marketing is a great way to get the message across from brands to the masses. It's also highly efficient and cost-effective. Here are some of the many benefits to postcard marketing:


- Postcard marketing can be used to validate customer addresses. Businesses can create ads based upon the destination of postcards, since they always reach their intended audience.


- Postcard marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness. Brands use postcards to attract people's attention, and to encourage them to visit a business.


- Postcard marketing can be a great way to promote new products or services.


- Postcards can be used in many ways. Postcards can be used by businesses to invite customers to complete their cards and return them. Businesses can also send postcards to their customers directly.


- Postcards can be short and concise. Customers are more busy than ever and are therefore more likely to be bombarded with advertisements. To make them want more, they will need short messages on postcards.


Postcard marketing has many benefits. It is short and efficient and can be used to promote new products and services.


Businesses reap the benefits of plastic postcards


Plastic postcards are a great way to make a first impression, present their products and services to customers, and to keep a steady stream of clients.


Plastic postcards can be attractive and interactive.


Potential clients need to be impressed by the products and services of businesses. Plastic postcards allow for full glossy digital printing on both the front and back. This allows businesses to offer more offers and captures attention.


Plastic postcards can be used for many years


Plastic postcards are water-resistant and durable. Plastic postcards can withstand heavy handling and dumping as well as the rough sorting that the USPS frequently applies to marketing mail. These postcards made of plastic will arrive in your mailbox looking just as nice and clear as when they left the Post Office.


Postcard mailers made of plastic are less common


Plastic postcard mailers last longer than paper postcards. Marketers can add evergreen information about their company to plastic postcards and limit the number of plastic postcards they send out to certain audiences in marketing campaigns.


Final Takeaway


Most brands create and carefully design postcards for their marketing campaigns. These cards are used to announce grand openings, inform new customers about their products, and notify them of promotions and events.

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