Travel by Train in the Netherlands

on November 26 at 12:16 PM
When traveling by train in the Netherlands, it is important to be aware of the various terms and regulations. The OV-chipkaart is the ticket used to travel by train in the Netherlands. The website is in English, and you can set the language on the app if you prefer it. You can also read a helpful guide on the OV-chipkaart website.

The NS (Nationale Spoorwegen) train company operates the majority of train tracks in the Netherlands, and other companies operate on smaller portions of the country. Before buying a ticket, make sure to check the company you will be traveling with. This is essential because you might get fined if you are traveling off the beaten track.

The Netherlands has one national train company and two regional train companies. The NS International runs high-speed international trains, while NS Intercity focuses on medium-distance routes. In addition, NS Sprinter offers commuter services and connects the cities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The NS train system is very efficient, and NS trains operate at least three times an hour.
Ten important Tips for Train Travel in Europe

The NS operates a system of yellow and blue ticket machines at all train stations. These machines accept debit/credit cards with a pin and Euro coins via a coin slot. However, it is worth noting that some smaller train stations are unmanned or only have one or two ticket machines. The NS also offers disposable tickets that can be bought up to a week ahead of time.

There are two train companies in the Netherlands that operate overnight. The Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij offers steam train rides through the provinces of Gelderland, Eerbeek, and Dieren. In addition to the Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij, there is also the Zuid-Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij that runs through parts of Germany and over the Simpelveld region.

The Flixbus is another inexpensive option for long distance travel. While the quality of the service is relatively good, Flixbus drivers need to improve their communication skills. The coaches are 2nd class and could use Wi-Fi. The tracks are also not particularly well lit and have poor communication. Getting tickets for these trains ahead of time is crucial.

You can use your Eurail pass for train travel in the Netherlands. The train staff will recognize your Eurail pass and will take EUR20 from the balance as your initial boarding deposit. Then, you will be issued your keycard and can continue your journey. Alternatively, you can pay in cash at the ticket machines.

Bicycles are not permitted on ICE trains, but they are allowed on Intercity direct trains. Bicycle tickets are also necessary for domestic trips within the Netherlands. If you're looking for a cheaper way to travel by train within the Netherlands, consider taking a bicycle instead. During the summer, bicycles are allowed on the MerwedeLingelijn R-net/Qbuzz train.

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