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Healthy Food Supplements Promise to Increase Well

on November 24 at 07:33 PM
One in three people in the world suffer from protein energy nutrition (PEM) or micronutrient nutrition, also known as "hidden hunger". Like numerous nutritionists and doctors, Food and Medicine Administration (FDA) and American Medical Association (AMA) have acknowledged that vitamins, minerals and other health extras to deal with poor dietary health The food supplement in Dubai should be met.

Almost all studies and research in all countries have shown that many nutrients are lost or diminished by eating fast food and convenience. With increasing awareness of a variety of diseases and flaws, the consumption of functional food, super food, fortified food, nutrients and probiotic supplements has increased significantly. Vitamin sales: Complex C, D, E and B, drinking yogurt, energy rods, food -ready salads, strong juice and beverages, in addition to bottle mineral water, in the last two years it has been stoning. However, not all healthy food supplements come with the government's approval stamp. The FDA only enters the scenario when the problem of self -inflation arises from its products or health concerns.

Investigations around the world have been shown that toxicity in the body may increase in vitamin A, D, E, C, pyroxin and high amounts of iodine. Therefore, additional supplements of healthy eating should be taken only under proper guidance because its effect can be different in people, such as supplements such as age, sex, physical condition and combination. As a general rule, the combination of "kitchen sink" should be avoided. Unless necessary, it is recommended that additional food supplements be included in the daily diet.

Researchers at the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) have conducted extensive research about the additional amount of healthy food and concluded that spices are extremely beneficial for welfare:

• Deficiency of phenography seeds: When using 25 grams of diabetes, glucose absorption delays or damages.
• Turmeric and its active substance are called kirkamin: they have antimotogenic, anticonogenic, anti -inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 2 grams of consumption daily improves physical defense.
Ion onions and garlic: A rich source of compounds, such as dial sulfide, diarrhea dilfide, aliens and ajayin. They have antimicrobial, hypolipidemic, anticancinogenic and antioxidant properties. They encourage enzymes in the body that discover the variables/carcasses.
• Ginger: Helps to improve conditions like rheumatic disorders, inflammation and gastrointestinal discomfort. Studies also show that it is usable as a chemotherapy agent.
Other well -well -consumed healthy food supplements are:
• Chlorophil: Blood construction, renewal of tissue, promotes healthy intestinal plants and activates enzymes that produce vitamin A, D and K.
• Wheat grass juice: It contains physical sizes and has a high number of beta carcin and vitamins.
• Alpalifa: Help merge protein, fat and carbohydrates. Rent and discover the body, especially the liver.
• Joe's fat: It includes folic acid, pantyanic acid, beta carotene and vitamin C and E.
• Sprolina: It helps to protect the immune system, facilitate low cholesterol and mineral absorption. It has high chlorophil, protein, beta carotene, B12 and nucleic acid.
• Lenza oil: rich in omega -3 and Omega 6. It provides the necessary fatty acids for normal cellular structure and function.
• Black chocolate: If a moderate amount is consumed, it helps reduce hypertension and keep the heart healthy. She is rich in Flavonoids.
• Box/Yogurt: It provides digestion with beneficial bacteria that help to fight cancer, build bones and increase immunity. These are probiotic foods.
• Oats: This food consumption reduces the risk of heart disease, as it is rich in fibers, it also helps to develop muscle growth.

in short. The use of different types of grocery with proper healthy nutritional supplements causes more longevity, proper hormonal functioning and physical and mental performance.

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