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Corporate departures from Belgium gradually increase once more.
  • weekly 30–40% increase in reservations
  • As of October, Brussels Airlines anticipates businesses to loosen limits on their travel policies.
  • Most often travelled to places in Europe by business travellers
Due to the relaxation of travel restrictions for travellers with all necessary vaccinations, there is an increased demand for flights to the United States.
Flexibility is more important than ever.

Brussels Airlines has noticed a little uptick in corporate travel leaving Belgium since the middle of August. And they have establish their offices in some new destination countries. brussels airlines uk number is the number where you can call in case of any issue in the inbound and outbound flights of UK. The airline anticipates transporting between 30 and 40 percent more corporate travellers per week out of Brussels in September. While business travellers often make reservations two to three weeks in advance, the trend of last-minute bookings since the start of the coronavirus epidemic has reduced this window to only two to three days.

rising interest in business travel

Corporate travel is returning faster in some industries than others. The European and other governmental institutions, universities, and the marine industry are among the first industries to resume business travel, which is then followed by the automobile sector, multinational construction firms, and manufacturers of building materials. Additionally, a sizeable portion of Brussels Airlines' business clients are non-governmental organisations and insurance providers that handle repatriations.

The airline anticipates that its top corporate clients will relax their travel regulations starting in October, despite the fact that many multinationals still have a (partial) homeworking policy in place.

popular locations for business

European locations including Italy (Milano), Slovenia (due to EU Presidency), Denmark (Copenhagen), Czech Republic (Prague), Germany (Berlin), Austria (Vienna), Switzerland (Geneva), Spain (Madrid & Barcelona), and Portugal are the most popular travel destinations for business travellers (Lisbon).

Brussels Airlines anticipates a rise in demand for business travel to the US as a result of the US government reducing its travel restrictions, allowing fully immunised EU travellers to enter the U.S.A. without incident. Brussels Airlines had an increase in bookings of 180% in the first day following the announcement of the lifting of the travel embargo. During the winter, the Belgian airline will provide four weekly flights to New York JFK.

The airline continued to place a high priority on the African network during the entire crisis for both VFR traffic as well as business travel by NGO's and other corporations.

By 2024, Brussels Airlines projects that the demand for business travel will be back at the level it was in 2019. On the other hand, the demand for leisure travel recovers far more quickly.

Extra adaptability is still crucial.

The airline recognises that flexibility is crucial for corporate customers as well. Due to the pandemic, Brussels Airlines has introduced special incentives for businesses.

Partner Plus Benefit is a corporate benefit programme that Brussels Airlines and the Lufthansa Group give to small and medium-sized enterprises. The business accumulates points that can be used for a wide range of alluring rewards like complimentary tickets, suite upgrades, lounge access, and more.

The Belgian airline also introduced "Pay-As-You-Fly," the most expansive flexible idea ever introduced to the Belgian market, during the pandemic.

Based on the idea of "book - fly - pay," the "Pay-As-You-Fly" offering offers process benefits that extend far beyond the actual voyage. As before, contracted corporate customers can make their reservation through their preferred booking channel, whether that be their designated travel agency or their corporate website booking engine. 24 hours prior to departure, all confirmed segments' tickets are issued. The primary distinction between this booking and a conventional one is that the payment is not initiated until the passenger boards the aircraft. The cost of the ticket will then be deducted from the business credit card. The "Pay-as-you-fly" ticket will be automatically cancelled if it is not utilised, which means the traveller did not check in. As a result, the credit card is not charged. In other words, if trip plans are altered or cancelled, neither billings nor payments are handled.

Flexibility has been even more important to the client over the last two years. Brussels Airlines hopes to meet the needs of their customers with these products.

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