Care FTP Announces a New Test

on October 10 at 07:30 PM


Care FTP Announces a new test to determine if your Non-Functional Token is a Non-Functional Token


October 8, 2022 — Wondering if the pixelated cartoon you just bought is really an NFT? First, recruit an individual with compromised vision. Even the old lady from across the street if you have to. Once your recruit is present, kindly insist on trying their magnified eyeglasses. If your eyes begin to strain, stick with it. All part of the plan.


Now, take a long look at your NFT. Does anything come to mind? Probably not. If you still see a meaningless, pixelated cartoon, you’re one step closer to confirming you have a traditional NFT. And a word of caution: do not close both eyes and do not hand your NFT to your recruit, especially if they are sporting a silky nightgown and platform boots. That's how Seth Green lost his. Long story.


The most crucial step of the NFT confirmation test is to repeat the experiment with the Care FTP NFT's. Even with blurry glasses, was the Care FTP NFT only a pixelated cartoon? If you find yourself asking why Rachel Meadow is #45, it’s not for Michael Jordan’s 95’ season. It’s because it may encourage her to return on air 4 or 5 times per week before she relocates to the Meta Verse like Mark.


To conclude the test, compare and contrast the amount of intrigue created by your Care FTP NFT and your traditional NFT. Get your recruit’s opinion. Maybe even a disgruntled ex’s for objectivity purposes.


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